RFID for Healthcare

RFID & FDA UDI for Healthcare Applications

The possibilities for automated data capture in the healthcare sector are endless. For hospital staff, pharmaceutical companies, and medical device manufacturers, RFID takes the risk out of human error by automating data collection and asset tracking tasks. Putting RFID technology to work improves efficiency while ensuring safety.

Here at ID Integration, we offer a wide range of choices for RFID for healthcare applications. No one-size-fits-all cookie cutter products. We offer a full range of RFID hardware and software technologies to fit your plans for use. Avoid medical mistakes, decrease the occurrence of equipment and medical device theft or loss, prevent drug tampering, increase workflow effectiveness, and so much more.

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    RFID Technology Benefits

    Contact our RFID consultants for a unique solution to improve the operational efficiency of your hospital, lab, or manufacturing facility: (425) 438-2533
    Track & view assets in real-time
    Identify & verify data
    Improve accuracy & speed of procedures
    Receive real-time alerts that warn of critical scenarios

    Common Healthcare Use Cases

    Critical Supply Management & Automated Reordering

    FDA UDI Compliance

    Monitor Equipment Location & Usage

    Patient Security

    Eliminate Expired & Stock-Out Items

    Capture Snapshots of Items Used In OR

    Pharmaceutical Inventory Management & Access

    Security Access Tracking of People & Staff

    Surgical Tool Tracking

    Track Staff/Equipment/Patients (Contact Tracing)

    Implant Inventory Access/Management

    Eliminate Last-Minute Orders/Shipping

    Explore our full range of state-of-the-art RFID pharmaceutical and healthcare applications

    Get a bird’s eye view of valuable equipment and pharmaceuticals on a software map of your hospital or manufacturing facility with V-Tag™ Active RFID tags and AssetWorx! Software

    Make asset, equipment, tool, and container location easy. Ensure audits are quick and error-free. Review current and past history of movements and alarms. Oversee work in process operations. Confirm the receipt and shipment of medical devices and pharmaceuticals. Discover how our active tags “talk” to each other so you can view updated locations of items you’re tracking.

    Visualize movements of personnel to connect with essential staff using NavvTrack® Contact Tracing Software

    Maintain safety by ensuring social distancing protocols are followed by staff at risk from exposure to the ill, tracking the transportation of patients throughout the hospital, determining time-saving routes throughout your facility, and reducing misplacement or theft of patient belongings. Discover how this cost-saving contact tracing software runs on the same concept as GPS location for your phone to determine the location of key staff members within your facility.

    Get 100% digital control of your inventory management for medical devices, pharmaceutical stock, and implants with an RFID smart cabinet

    Imagine simplifying the time staff spends on inventory administration while eliminating the time wasted searching for out-of-stock and eliminated items. No need to send an order to the supplier—an order to replace stock is automatically sent from the cabinet. Discover how an RFID smart storage cabinet streamlines inventory operations, call us at (425) 438-2533.

    Meet FDA UDI compliancy for medical devices with BarcodeOS ® scanners and software

    Rely on the Worlds ONLY barcode scanner equipped with a firewall to prevent malicious PC commands that are embedded in “free-form” 2D symbologies from attacking your operating system. BarcodeOS is the ultimate plug-and-play scanning solution—It’s easy to install without the need to climb steep learning curves with massive user manuals. Discover how BarcodeOS Software simplifies the process of submitting UDI product information to the FDA’s GUDID registry.

    Browse RFID Products

    Think of all the ways RFID technology could make your healthcare, pharma, and data collection/analysis tasks easier.

    Locate commonly misplaced medical equipment, track drugs throughout the manufacturing chain, and ensure that medical supplies are stored in the proper environments.

    Implement RFID into your patient identification system and reduce errors when matching personal articles, insurance information, and records to patients. Ensure that FDA UDI information is compliant on medical devices before submitting them for registration.

    RFID is an essential aid for finding the best pathways for patient transportation routes throughout your hospital, provides an audit trail for any instances involving staff and patients, and monitors the flow of work in process (WIP) in device manufacturing.

    Set alarms when temperature, chemical, or movement thresholds are exceeded. Keep tabs on when and where a medical device is moved, drugs are taken out of refrigeration, and unauthorized personnel enter restricted areas.

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