Active RFID Tags Bring New Innovations to RFID Location Tracking

Shows view of shelving containing assets in large warehouse

We’ve completed several pilot tests and studied how active RFID tags could be made less costly and more effective. We found that V-Tag™ active RFID tags, integrated with AssetWorx! RFID software, proved to be easier to install and more user-friendly than passive RFID systems. Plus, this technology is about half the cost of passive RFID location tracking! How is this possible?

The expensive infrastructure of antennas, wires, and readers is not needed with the V-Tag™ system, because batteries power these RFID tags individually. What used to take as much as a week to build a passive RFID system can be created in just a couple of days with V-Tag™ technology.

Once the small V-Tags™ are affixed to your tools and assets, they are easily tracked in real-time. Here are just a few of the many benefits of the V-Tag™ active tag solution coupled with AssetWorx! software:

• See positions of each tag on a custom software map of your facility—Move an asset, and your map refreshes with the new location. Imagine how easy audits will become!

• Set alerts for tag movements and set up alarms when limits are exceeded—V-Tags™ are equipped with acceleration sensors that detect movement and environmental changes, including temperature, humidity, and light fluctuations.

• Review archived reports—Create graphs and records of asset movement information.

• Make changes to the floor plan of your facility without rebuilding the system—Update facility maps, re-affix V-Tags™, and the changes are registered in the database.

• Verify shipment contents—Whether receiving or sending shipments, verify inventory easily.

We tested this active RFID application for government and aerospace applications, but this cost saving, solution has a multitude of possible uses many other business sectors. V-Tags™ are imperative for accurate asset management—They keep track of assets that are often lost or stolen, and help to locate tools when they are needed. Active tags are also used in supply chain management to track shipments to and from supply chain partners. Tracking parts used in work-in process reduces errors and defects.

V-Tags™ can be attached to people as well as objects. Thus, they are useful in fire and rescue, medical, and first aid applications. First responders have shown an interest in this innovative RFID technology, and we see the V-Tags™ system with AssetWorx! software technology benefiting society as a whole.

To learn more, check out our newly-published white paper, “Avoiding the Expense of RFID Asset Tracking Infrastructures,” get the back story on V-Tags™ in SCAN: The DATA CAPTURE Report, and read about our successful pilot tests in RFID Journal.

Then, contact our team of RFID location tracking experts at (425) 438-2533 for a complimentary consultation to help you save money with RFID active tags and software.