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Consulting Services for RFID Location Tracking & IUID Integration

ID Integration offers comprehensive RFID integration solutions and IUID integration solutions, including consulting services that will provide clients with the IUID verification systems, marking hardware, and scanners specific to their unique requirements. Our team of experienced integrators is available to assess the individual needs of each client in order to determine the types of systems that can improve the efficiency of current processes while ensuring IUID compliance. We will then guide clients to the best products that have been approved for IUID compliance.

Our consulting services range from the installation of new equipment and training of said equipment to custom development and integration services. Our team is available to visit clients’ facilities in order to install equipment and also providing training to staff. We are also able to create custom development and integration if a client’s needs surpass those of available solutions. This process involves analyzing current processes, strategic planning & integration of manufacturing and IUID processes.

ID Integration is expanding our services to provide enhanced consulting for cybersecurity partnering with IT personnel within compliance, manufacturing, logistics, and industrial market segments. Our experts provide comprehensive systems integration that’s mindful of automation, compliance, and tracking needs while also managing cybersecurity threats.

In addition to the aforementioned consulting services, we can also create custom Turnkey MIMS (Mobile Industrial Marking System) and template design for IUID label, nameplate, and tag production.

Regardless of your current needs, we are available to offer advice concerning RFID or IUID integration, including IUID verification systems, marking procedures, and training for new equipment. Our unique consulting services are designed to improve compliance for contractors and manufacturers of various industries that adhere to IUID standards.

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