Improved IUID Marking Solutions for Unique Identification Requirements

Experience a Wide Range of IUID, FDA UDI, ATA SPEC 2000, and RFID Applications

Here at ID, Integration, Inc. we take great pride in our ability to provide excellent solutions for a full selection of challenging applications. Whether you're searching for assistance in developing IUID marking solutions, IUID nameplates or 2D barcoding IUID applications; or you require full integration of software and hardware to achieve ATA Spec2000 or ISO certification our experts have been there and done that before! We’ll guide you through the most cost-cutting smart manufacturing solutions for RFID asset location. Our experts have the experience and knowledge to guide you through these stringent and complex specifications.

It doesn't matter if you're simply looking for a durable IUID label or require more complicated in-line direct part marking. We provide integration for marking hardware and software, intelligent 2D barcode readers and verifiers, as well as custom-tailored solutions for nearly any application. We're also well-versed in RFID asset management and distribution tracking with growing emphasis in ATA Spec2000 RFID and FDA UDI.

Continue reading through our most popular applications to locate the solution for your organization's needs:



example map showing RFID location tracking map
Examples of tools or assets displayed on software map.

RFID Asset and Location Tracking

With our partnership with InfinID Industries, ID Integration now offers the cost-saving alternative to installing expensive passive RFID systems. The V-Tag™ active RFID system, together with AssetWorx! Software, saves valuable time searching for tools and parts within your facility—asset locations display on a software map of your warehouse and production floor in real time! Find out how V-Tags™ work and watch a video of the V-Tag™ system in action.



MIL-SPEC-130 IUID Labels

examples of iuid labels an direct part marking
Example IUID nameplates, labels, & DPM.

Learn about the diverse solutions we provide to meet DoD MIL-SPEC-130 standards. We can help you create the IUID labels you require by providing integrated solutions within your current production process. If you simply want the label, we can help you with that too – and can guarantee its compliance. Perhaps you're searching for a turnkey setup? You won't want to miss learning about our unique and efficient Mobile Industrial Marking System (MIMS). Continue reading about IUID labels.



DOD IUID Nameplates

photo of a DOD IUID NameplateOur partner company Jet City Laser, Inc. operates a full service job shop featuring durable and permanent IUID nameplates. Read more to learn additional details about this service and the variety of options available for your IUID marking application.



NATO International Standards

Shows military equipment often requiring DEF STAN for NATONATO has adopted standards similar to U.S. MIL-STD-130 for their international standard, STANAG 2290. To remain or become a valued supplier,, you’ll need to understand labeling requirements that exist for these applications. Learn more about our STANAG 2290 solutions.



DEF STAN UK Ministry of Defense

NATO logoID Integration offers more than just compliance to United States’ standards. We also provide solutions for standards required worldwide, offering a complete solution to our clients. Learn more about the requirements of DEF STAN 05-132 and the products that make sense for these applications.



Examples of parts with direct part markingDirect Part Marking

There are numerous benefits to direct part marking, and this is why we called this out as its own application. We offer diverse products to satisfy challenging direct part marking applications – including those requiring 2D Data Matrix barcodes with limited marking space. Read further to discover how we provide excellent options for those looking to achieve permanent marking directly on parts and products, also referred to as Direct Part Marking (DPM).



Shows NASA part with identificationNASA Parts Identification

Our expertise includes hands-on experience with a variety of marking and coding technologies. By maintaining a full arsenal of equipment, we are better able to address our client’s individual and unique needs for complex NASA compliance. Read more about NASA parts identification here.



Photo shows commercial plane in air
Michael Miley / FLICKR Creative Commons

ATA Spec 2000 RFID

Whether you’re new to ATA Spec 2000 compliance, or you are experienced with these regulations, we provide cost-effective solutions for maintaining your certification. We can even help to make your processes more efficient. Learn more about the ATA Spec 2000 RFID birth record.



Photo shows warehouse using smart manufacturing automationSmart Manufacturing

Through a partnership with Entigral, smart manufacturing is now accessible to ID Integration clients. This innovative solution, featuring state-of-the-art RFID technology, provides a wide range of intelligent work-in-process (WIP) solutions to create greater return on investment for a variety of asset, inventory, & manufacturing tracking applications.



shows 2D Data Matrix barcodeISO Certification

If you’re working hard to achieve or maintain ISO certification, we’ll get you there faster and smarter. Learn about the International Organization for Standardization and their requirements for compliance. Then find out how our solutions offer helpful tracking and analysis for ISO Certification processes.



Asset/Warehouse Management

warehouse full of assetsKeep track of valuable corporate assets and warehouse inventory with our intelligent solutions. We help you to create efficiency throughout your processes for improved tracking of critical assets. Learn more about our asset and warehouse management application solutions.




Shows photo of IUID scannerTracking applications are required in a wide range of industries today. From pharmaceuticals to packaging, or just about anything in between, smart manufacturers are making use of modern traceability marking technologies to understand and track product lots, batches, credentials, and even expiration dates. Learn how our products address challenging tracking applications in a variety of markets.



FDA Unique Device Identification

Shows UDI labels on medical devices for FDA UDIHere at ID Integration, we apply the same compliance standards used for government and aerospace parts identification to FDA Unique Device Identification (FDA UDI). Medical devices can now carry direct part marking and tamper-proof labels that last the life of the part, holding to the guidelines for parts licensed through the Public Health Services Act (PHS). View our entire range of FDA-compliant solutions to ensure trustworthiness and safety.

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