RFID and Contact Tracing Applications for Construction

RFID for Construction Applications

Radio frequency identification (RFID) has a proven track record of managing a wide variety of processes throughout the lifecycle of a construction project. Along every step of the way, RFID construction applications improve safety and efficiency while controlling costs. Tag valuable equipment, materials, and orders in process, and the data speeds along via a reader to your computer or smart device for immediate analysis. RFID contact tracing applications in the construction industry enable supervisors to easily monitor the movements of workers and keep them out of harm’s way.


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Learn More About Contact Tracing

Visit our Contact Tracing Application page for more detail on contact tracing for construction, healthcare,  and other industries.

Here are examples of how each stage of your construction projects can benefit from RFID efficiency upgrades

Design & Planning

During these initial stages, determine the context of the RFID system to be employed according to the weather and distances from the tags to the readers. Then, once plans are in place, rely on RFID technology to track deliveries, availability of materials through your supply chains, billing, and quality control for construction elements. RFID is also influential in controlling deliveries by determining the fastest routes for transportation of building materials.

Post-Construction Evaluation & Maintenance

RFID is the perfect tool for audits and periodic inspections. Store historical data within RFID tags for each component to be audited, monitor the present conditions, and then determine and schedule appropriate maintenance tasks.

Building & Construction

Oversee the movements of your workers to ensure their safety and improve productivity. Locate and keep tabs on structural elements scattered about your job site. Optimize your tool budget by reducing the incidence of loss and misplacement of equipment. Monitor the progress of tasks and manage each aspect of ordering, storing, transportation, production, installation, and inspection on active construction sites. With RFID technology, you can now visualize the entire construction process in real-time! Make navigation throughout your entire worksite easier!

What can our cutting edge RFID technology do to up your game of efficiency and quality control on your construction site?

Whether indoors or outdoors, track your crew’s whereabouts and keep your fingers on the pulse of potentially hazardous situations. Functioning on the same concept as your phone’s GPS system, NavvTrack® is easy to install and works seamlessly with your existing Wi-Fi network. Discover how our real-time, contact-tracing software increases your production effectiveness without the need of investing in expensive infrastructures to get up and running.

Each active RFID tag is designed to withstand the harshest environmental conditions in the most remote locations. Affix these low-cost tags to sense the slightest movements. Set up audio alerts to notify you in real-time of the newest locations of your assets while you’re on the go, on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Discover how to keep tabs on all your assets beyond the walls of your construction project.

Applying RFID technology throughout each phase of your project enables you to make informed decisions that save money and keep your workers safe. Reach out to our RFID consultants to match the right system to your job: (425) 438-2533.