Shows a pyramid chart explaining the 1-10-100 Principle for Good Data

How to Save Costs Using Good Data: The 1-10-100 Principle Explained for IUID Applications

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Data has a shelf life. When it comes to meeting Department of Defense requirements, IUID marks, nameplates, and labels must be error-free, and they must meet current standards. How is good data a business asset, and how can you ensure that your IUID marking and verification processes are up-to-date? Your systems are only as good […]

Shows companies collaborating to exhibit at the upcoming UDI Conference in Baltimore, MD.

ID Integration Helps You Comply with FDA UDI Rules at UDI Conference 2017, June 7-8, Baltimore, MD

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This year’s UDI Conference, June 7-8 at the Hilton Baltimore, promises to be the most groundbreaking yet. It’s a must for professionals from medical device manufacturers, group purchasing organizations, health care distributors, hospitals, and health care providing organizations. Discover the nuances of the FDI UDI rules and how they streamline manufacturing, sales, repackaging, safety, and […]

Shows message regarding ID Integration hiring a process engineer with RFID, shop floor, and manufacturing experience.

Know A Process Engineer with RFID/Shop Floor/Manufacturing Experience? We’re Hiring!

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ID Integration, Inc. provides systems integration consulting services and turnkey solutions to companies and government agencies who seek process improvement through asset and/or Work-In-Process tracking, using barcode and/or RFID technologies. Join our growing team of experts serving the aerospace, military, healthcare, and manufacturing markets. Work is conducted in a small entrepreneurial office environment with expectations […]

shows cover of Easy DCMA Audit Prep with High Tech BarCode OS IUID Scanners

Who Needs DOD Compliancy Headaches? Software for IUID Labels and IUID Scanners Made Simple

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There’s enough stress over the holiday season without dealing with complex Department of Defense IUID requirements. Sifting through ridiculously long, 200+ page manuals, paying the costs of middleware, and hassling with the installation of expensive hardware drivers make barcode validation a nightmare. And then once you’re up and running, functional issues often require IT support […]

Shows cover of RFID Location Tracking white paper

A Holistic View of RFID Location Tracking – Increase Efficiency and Maximize Savings

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We are proud to share that we’ve recently completed a new White Paper entitled, “The Holistic View of RFID Location Tracking – How To Increase Efficiency and Maximize Savings.” Whether you need to track tools or assets, consumables, or cradle-to-grave workflow you’ll find helpful information to improve your internal production processes and save more time! This […]

shows handheld barcode scanner with benefits of BarCode OS for FDA UDI compliance

Tips for Complying with FDA UDI Requirements

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The Food and Drug Administration Amendments Act of 2007 establishes a unique device identification (UDI) system to monitor medical devices through their use and distribution. In 2013, this rule was finalized. Implementation of the FDA UDI system improves the overall health and safety of patients through device monitoring. It also helps to spur on new […]

Shows ID Integration team with WA Manufacturing Award

ID Integration Receives Emerging Manufacturing Company of the Year in 2016 at WA Manufacturing Awards!

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We are very proud to share that ID Integration, Inc. is the winner of the 2016 Washington Manufacturing Awards, as the Emerging Manufacturing Company of the Year, Small Firms category, by Seattle Business Magazine! This is a big honor for our growing business. Our entire team here at ID Integration worked diligently to become leaders […]

shows photo of handheld Code Corp IUID scanner

See the Newest Innovations in IUID and RFID Location Tracking with Your Own Eyes

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Looking to check out IUID and RFID location tracking solutions first-hand before you invest? Scratching your head about how to meet compliancy regulations for the DoD, the ATA, and the FDA? Here’s your chance to meet with the integration experts at ID Integration, Inc., so see affordable solutions in action: • April 28-30 at the […]

graphic shows handheld barcode scanner and benefits

BarCodeOS® Software Suite Delivers IUID Benefits for DOD Contractors

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DoD Contractors: How to Start Using IUID Marks With Your Legacy Software Looking to bridge potential gaps using old, out-of-date software for MIL-STD-130 compliant IUID marks? A common problem that our clients encounter is that their software systems do not have a field or capability to add a field to hold the UII (unique item […]

Example RFID warehouse with Active RFID Tags

Active RFID Tags Bring New Innovations to RFID Location Tracking

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We’ve completed several pilot tests and studied how active RFID tags could be made less costly and more effective. We found that V-Tag™ active RFID tags, integrated with AssetWorx! RFID software, proved to be easier to install and more user-friendly than passive RFID systems. Plus, this technology is about half the cost of passive RFID location tracking! […]