Introducing the Future of Contact Tracing for Multi-Industry Applications

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Here at ID Integration, we continue our quest to discover and present the best in asset location and management tools for you. Our spirit for innovation rides the tide of the newest groundbreaking technology to provide enhanced operational efficiency. We’re excited to announce our partnership with Navv Systems (NSI) to offer NavvTrack® software—the future of […]

Introducing ID Integration’s New Partnership with Zebra Technologies Future-Forward Solutions in RFID for Manufacturing

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Innovations for RFID applications continue to push the envelope. Gone are the once laborious and error-ridden methods for tracking, locating, and logging in parts and inventory. Now quickly-scanned, accurate data is at-the-ready for effortless analysis. ID Integration is at the helm of delivering you a better read on what’s going on in your business, because […]

ID Integration Explains the Newest Updates to MIL-STD-129R Change 2

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Keeping up with Department of Defense standards of practice for military marking for shipment and storage is imperative to ensuring compliance. As of September 2019, the MIL-STD-129R Change 2 supersedes Change 1, released in 2018. Are you current with the most recent changes? Of course, you could read through the entire 175-page report to make […]

Look to the Cloud for Groundbreaking RFID Asset Tracking Solutions

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Do your present asset tracking operations seem slow and inefficient? Hop onto the newest RFID innovations and transform your efficiency. These recent technologies save time and money by utilizing the Internet of Things (IoT), passive and active RFID, GPS RFID, & other hybrid technologies all relying on the wireless marvel of cloud computing. ID Integration, […]

RFID Innovations to Lean Manufacturing for Tool Tracking & Chemical Inventory Management

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An important part of quality assurance involves managing chemical life cycles to ensure no expired chemicals are ever used in manufacturing production. The use of expired chemicals inserts liability into a manufacturing process and also may result in noncompliance of precise requirements. Additionally, quality assurance requires the ability to track and certify calibration requirements for […]

ID Integration Introduces the Newest Enhancements in Cloud Manufacturing

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Our partnership with Xemelgo, the cloud manufacturing experts, produced the roll-out of an RFID visibility solution that combined the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), mobile, and cloud technology to enable transparent asset tracking. This revolutionary IoT asset tracking system, dubbed the Xemelgo X-track System, works in tandem with our Brady® CenSys Readers and […]

Take Advantage of Our Summer Splash of Savings to Explore New RFID Starter Kits

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State-of-the-art, cutting edge innovations in RFID asset tracking and location technologies can turn your business around. What was once an expensive, time-consuming search for needed tools, parts, equipment, and assets now takes only moments to find as their locations display in real-time on a software map. Imagine how easy it would be to track a […]

Enter the Newest Generation of Asset Tracking Tech for MIL-STD-130 and Beyond

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We’ve come a long way here at ID Integration since our start 20 years ago. Back then, we borrowed the technology used for tracking pets with microchips and applied it to RFID tracking for structural aerospace parts. By  2003, we spearheaded the development of UID MIL-STD-130 policy and continue to support IUID integration implementation today. […]

ID Integration Highlighted In AIM Insider with Insights Podcast

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We enjoyed being the Member Spotlight in the newest issue of AIM Insider! Take a look by visiting the link below & listen to insights from 20 years of industry work with Gary Moe, President & Founder, ID Integration, Inc. We’re still wrapping up our 20-Year Anniversary celebration and look forward to sharing more great […]