Celebrating 25 Years of Innovation This February!

This year marks a significant milestone in our journey. We are thrilled to celebrate our 25th anniversary at ID Integration, Inc. Over the past quarter-century, we have remained dedicated to pioneering technologies that drive efficiency and cut costs across various industries.

A Legacy of Innovation:

Our story begins in 1995 when we introduced 2D Data Matrix barcode technology to Boeing Commercial Airplanes. Human errors were common when operators needed to read human-readable info on each tool in order to select the correct one. To fix this problem, we laser-etched tiny Data Matrix codes (just 0.100″ square) onto Boeing GEMCOR wing fastening system tooling as our first pilot project. Our development team eliminated these errors by introducing a tool reading system using unique 2D Data Matrix codes.

After this noteworthy achievement, we received a contract from Boeing in 1999 to test RFID tag technology for tracking parts on their shop floor. ID Integration, Inc. was formed and we devised a solution. We created special durable plastic rivets containing RFID microchips, and then tied them onto parts. Later, Boeing switched to human-readable dot peen marked metal tags, containing the 2D Data Matrix nomenclature that is readable with a scanner – A very challenging application 25 years ago. Our application was so successful that Boeing continues to use this technology today. We’re now well into the 21st Century, and we continue to trailblaze with the newest RFID tech that comes available.

Leading in Identification Compliance:

Our advancements in RFID integrated solutions are only part of the ID Integration journey. We’re also known for our IUID Chinook helicopter program, which came three years before existing IUID regulations were in place. In 2003, our unique Mobile Parts Marking Trailer staffed by disabled Veterans were selected as the Chinook IUID parts marking solution. Our mobile trailers became the hub of marking, verification, and asset tracking for the Army’s Chinook project. We remain at the forefront of providing integration solutions for the U.S. Department of Defense and the military.

Pioneering Advanced Healthcare Data Capture:

To date, ID Integration has completed tagging 140,000 equipment/assets for a hospital network. Our team has supplied all RFID hardware, asset tracking software, and support for hospitals to tag new parts internally in the future. This achievement exemplifies our commitment to advancing healthcare data capture, streamlining workflows, and enhancing patient safety. Whether it’s optimizing inventory, ensuring full charge capture, or achieving supply chain excellence, we continue to redefine the possibilities of identification technology.

Charting a Course for the Future:

As a business partner with Advanced RFID Specialist certification from Zebra Technologies, we remain dedicated to pioneering the next generation of automated data capture technologies. Our role as a seasoned system integrator places us in a unique position to offer tailored solutions without manufacturer dependencies. This allows us to blend technologies seamlessly, providing the perfect answer to your challenges.

Our focus remains steadfast – delivering the latest advancements in identification technology. Our team is fueled by a passion for improving productivity, streamlining processes, and embracing new challenges. We are committed to helping hospitals transform into smarter healthcare facilities that elevate patient care and optimize their supply chain operations.

Thank you for being an essential part of our journey. We look forward to continuing to share the latest discoveries in identification technology with you as we embark on the next 25 years.