The Research Is In: Discover How Healthcare Inventory Management Can Be Transformed Overnight

The latest case study from IDENTI Medical Data Sensing, incorporating the innovative Snap & Go™ image recognition technology and Smart Cabinet item tracking units, transformed healthcare inventory management at the Heart, Vascular, and Leg Center (HVLC) of Bakersfield, CA, virtually overnight. With IDENTIPLATFORM AI management software, remote visibility is now possible, even for a procurement team located halfway around the world in India. In just one week, without any infrastructure installation, the transformation was complete!

Are you encountering the same issues that haunted HVLC?

High levels of waste.

Disorganized supply spaces and overstocked cabinets made it impossible for nurses to find needed products, and items often expired on the shelves while other items were needlessly ordered when plenty of stock existed.

Manual counting of stock.

Manual counting involved a time-consuming replenishment process for local staff and a procurement team in India. Nurses spent an average of 2-3 hours per day on supply chain administration.

Manual keying-in of product usage after surgery events.

This process resulted in inaccuracies leading to as many as 30 out-of-stock events each month. The staff attempted to record the most expensive items, leaving many lower-valued items undocumented for billing.

Non-existent FDA-required digital documentation of the batch number to the patient record.

Up to 30 documentation issues per week, taking clinical staff as much as 30 minutes to rectify each issue.

With these challenges, Dr. Vinod Kumar, MD, the leading vascular specialist and interventional cardiologist at HVLC, sought to transform the existing inventory management system into a fully automated system. It was time to adopt a state-of-the-art system to free up staff to spend time to devoting the highest level of care to patients.

Just three devices reshaped the way HVLC performs healthcare inventory management:

Snap & Go™ advanced optical image recognition technology allowed HVLC to ensure digital capture of 90-100% of reportable items!
just like a supermarket checkout scanner, simply by placing an item on the Snap & Go platform and snapping a quick image, surgical staff could easily enter the particulars. No more manual data entry! A record of all serial numbers, batch numbers, SKUs from the manufacturer, expiration dates, and more are instantly recorded and sent to the ERP system, billing, claims, and the patient’s electronic records. With the integration of Snap & Go, HVLC reported an amazing 70% reduction in administrative time!

Smart Cabinets leverage RFID technology to digitally track both the removal and stocking of items.
This comprehensive system records which items are taken, associates them with specific procedures, and identifies the staff member responsible. Nurses at HVLC now enjoy real-time item location, eliminating the need for frantic last-minute searches before surgeries. With detailed reports on inventory status, including expiry and consumption data, waste is minimized, and orders are placed only when necessary. The result: HVLC staff now wields complete procurement control.

IDENTIPLATFORM™ Cloud Inventory Management puts it all together.
This real-time healthcare supply management software solution delivers accuracy with easy connectivity to an existing mobile network. No extra infrastructure needed to get up and running! Automated alerts and reports gave HVLC all the info they needed to make timely ordering decisions. Patient privacy is ensured in this cloud-based technology that interfaces with supplier and medical facility software and ERP systems.

Like the difference between night and day, HVLC experienced 97.3% less inventory waste.

Read the case study for yourself, and download our free solutions guide “Doing More With Less Using Automated Data Capture” to take a deep dive into our revolutionary healthcare inventory management solutions.

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