RFID Innovations to Lean Manufacturing for Tool Tracking & Chemical Inventory Management

An important part of quality assurance involves managing chemical life cycles to ensure no expired chemicals are ever used in manufacturing production. The use of expired chemicals inserts liability into a manufacturing process and also may result in noncompliance of precise requirements. Additionally, quality assurance requires the ability to track and certify calibration requirements for precise tooling used to manufacture parts & equipment for various customers.

This is an area of manufacturing and production where RFID technology has been proven to be very beneficial. And, as the capabilities and costs of this technology become more comprehensive and less expensive now is the perfect time to explore RFID tool tracking and chemical inventory management.

Download our updated guide, Lean Manufacturing For Tool Tracking & Chemical Inventory Management, to learn more about how RFID technology is being used to solve the many pains associated with tool tracking, calibration certification, managing expired chemicals, and more!

Inside you’ll find a comprehensive guide with explicit examples to understanding the newest RFID innovations and how they help to pave the way to progress in lean manufacturing. Reach out to ID Integration for more help in determining the value and recommended technologies for your asset tracking needs.