Look to the Cloud for Groundbreaking RFID Asset Tracking Solutions

Do your present asset tracking operations seem slow and inefficient? Hop onto the newest RFID innovations and transform your efficiency. These recent technologies save time and money by utilizing the Internet of Things (IoT), passive and active RFID, GPS RFID, & other hybrid technologies all relying on the wireless marvel of cloud computing.

ID Integration, Inc. rides the crest of this wave of modernization by putting cutting edge solutions to the test to ensure the perfect solution for your specific RFID asset tracking needs.

Are you new to asset tracking and location using RFID tech?

RFID has you covered:

• Track work orders for government parts

• Locate items for inventory audits

• Keep tabs on pharmaceutical supplies

• Search for vital equipment for patients

• Ensure only approved personnel enter restricted areas

• Monitor items moving through your supply chain

Indoors or outdoors, attach a tag to a tool, product, part, or container to view its location in real-time on a software map of your building, parking lot, construction zone, or shipyard. Keep track of tagged items while on the go using your mobile device: View their movements on your laptop, tablet, and smartphone.

You don’t need to abandon traditional RFID tech to give the groundbreaking IoT asset location solutions a try. The full range of RFID tags have their place for FDA, DOD, and ATA compliancy. Combine the old with the new, creating the best of both worlds, without the headache of analyzing dissimilar data. ID Integration makes this possible.

Visit our Asset Tracking FAQ page for answers to your basic RFID questions:

• For indoor tracking, check out our V-Tag® RFID tags that talk to each other without the use of antennas and expensive infrastructures. With Brady® Censys RFID Readers and Xemelgo software, enter the world of smart manufacturing by using the IoT to revolutionize data entry, report creation, and analytics.

• For outdoor use, between buildings, across parking lots, throughout acreage, and beyond, our V-Tag® GPS tags send location signals to your mobile device even when you are not connected to Wi-Fi.

• Discover how to integrate all your data seamlessly with our guide to Holistic RFID Location Tracking.

How does IoT technology make quick work of asset tracking?

Dispense with the chore of entering data the old-fashioned way, devoting hours of human labor to data entry and search for lost and misplaced tools and inventory. Jump onto cloud computing for your business needs, and you’ll surpass your competition in efficiency and save untold sums of money. Active RFID tags talk to each other to share info about their locations, environment, expiration dates, and more via the internet.

You are now in the driver’s seat when it comes to managing inventory, chemical and pharmaceutical safety, and security, work in process (WIP) for parts traveling throughout the manufacturing process, necessary maintenance schedules to prevent expensive repairs, database analysis to improve productivity, and remote operations.

IoT advancements enable you to track assets as easily as using the Find My iPhone app, locate work orders as easily as finding x-marks-the-spot on Google Maps, view inventory as easily as using the AmazonGo app, and monitor shipments between buildings as easily as using the DoorDash food delivery appBrady® Censys RFID Readers, coupled with Xemelgo real-time RFID software, provides inventory awareness with clean data, free of human entry and analysis errors.

With numerous cutting-edge RFID innovations currently entering the market, where do you start?

Determine your primary purposes for integrating RFID smart manufacturing solutions into your business model. Which items need to be tagged and why? Do you need asset tracking to ensure governmental compliance? Are the movements of tagged assets confined to indoor or outdoor locations? Do assets need to be monitored for environmental fluctuations?

For answers, start with our handy guides to RFID integration:

Leveraging IoT and Cloud Manufacturing to Revolutionize Asset Tracking & Audit Prep

Lean Manufacturing for Tool Tracking & Chemical Inventory Management

Avoiding the Expense of RFID Asset Tracking Infrastructures


A Holistic View of RFID Location Tracking—Increase Efficiency and Maximize Savings

Which RFID asset tracking system is the best fit for your workplace operations?

Here at ID Integration, our in-house team of RFID experts runs pilot tests to ensure the efficacy of the systems we offer. For example, read how we executed our pilot tests for V-Tag® RFID solution to confirm this system as a viable choice for our clients—at about half the price of traditional passive tag solutions.

We encourage you to run your own pilot tests, using one of our all-in-one RFID asset tracking kits. They contain everything needed to determine the capabilities of RFID tech for your specific business applications. Our small-scale Demo RFID starter kit starts at just $499, or opt for our GPS Starter Kit for your custom outdoor location tracking pilot study at $999. We also offer Starter Kits that include handheld scanners and training. See our catalog of RFID Starter Kits.

Our RFID asset tracking solutions are fully customizable. Ask our RFID consultants for no-obligation guidance to the perfect asset location system to fit for your needs, industry, and price point. Whether you are embarking on RFID system solutions anew, or whether you are looking to expand on your current asset location system, give us a call at 425-438-2533.