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Here at ID Integration, Inc., we continually vet out emerging technologies, to ensure the best results for our customers. Our products and services are designed to meet these strict regulations. Whether your goal is to create more visibility for your manufacturing processes or obtain successful compliancy for Department of Defense MIL-STD-130, ATA Spec 2000 Aerospace, FDA UDI specifications, we have the solutions. We customize our integration technology to suit your unique needs.

ID Integration is known for offering exclusive, cutting-edge innovations that save our clients valuable time and money.








Our goal is to offer you easy integration. ID Integration simplifies compliancy for you. Contact us at (425) 438-2533 for a no-obligation analysis of how we can meet your company’s individual needs.

Automated Healthcare Data Capture

Transform your hospital into a smart hospital by implementing automated data capture into your inventory management.

RFID Location Tracking

RFID technology has expanded in capability and affordability. Browse our full range of RFID solutions for asset & tool tracking, Work-In-Process (WIP management), inventory management, and more. Discover how RFID location tracking will help you meet and exceed your ROI. Save costs and streamline your work in process and inventory control with our RFID technology, customized for your industry and your requirements.

Intelligent Barcode Scanners

Our BarCodeOS® IUID scanner technology is designed to work hand-in-hand with a number of scanner models. They are not just built to meet the requirements of the DoD—They are built with many additional features that make them powerful tools for analysis and tracking. No need for set up software with our BarCodeOS, because the IUID validation is already enabled. Watch our demos and learn more about our intelligent IUID scanners.

Marking Hardware

Our Item Unique Identification labels fulfill specifications laid out by the Department of Defense. We offer marking hardware solutions to fit item-specific qualifications required for MIL-STD-130. View our list of marking hardware products that produce indelible identification. The labels and markings are easy to verify over the lifespan of the product or tool, even under the harshest environments.

Barcode Scanning & Verification
Ensuring verification and efficient scanning of IUID labels is an essential part of conforming to DoD regulations. We offer a full range of IUID scanners. Our handheld 2D Data Matrix scanners and fixed station 2D Data Matrix verification systems are designed for contractors and manufacturers to maintain valuable government contracts. With our state-of-the-art BarCodeOS enabled scanners, you’ll add intelligence to your barcode readers.

Marking Software

We offer certified marking software that formats and prints labels to affix to your specific products, while maintaining compliance with the Department of Defense requirements. Like our marking hardware, our IUID marking software by BarTender is designed to produce labels that can hold up to the elements for the lifespan of the product.

IUID (UID) Registration Software
Here at ID Integration, our custom software can be built to conform to your needs while meeting the needs of the US Department of Defense and the aerospace industry. Our software is designed to integrate seamlessly with your specific hardware applications. Receive your no-obligation assessment for IUID, ATA Spec 2000, or FDA compliance.

ATA Spec2000 Software
Our aerospace industry labels conform to file standards and e-commerce standards, in addition to barcoding standards for the ATA aviation marketplace. Experience reliable data with efficient management of items, resulting in reduced processing costs. Our ATA Spec 2000 identification and capture software is specifically geared to serve contractors and manufacturers in the aviation industry.

Turnkey Custom Solutions

Here at ID Integration, we offer a choice of comprehensive solutions that are available separately or combined as a turnkey solution. For example, our Turnkey Mobile Industrial Marking System (MIMS) has a wide array of applications to fit recent stipulations for MIL-STD-130 marking. You’ll receive full training, along with installation, to ensure compliancy. Additionally, we’ll analyze your needs to custom-build the type of integration that works for your company and the products you manufacture. Finally, we’ll design the appropriate template to fit your driver systems.