Marking Software

Industrial IUID Software for the Production of Permanent Labels

The Department of Defense requires contractors to produce IUID labels that contain crucial identifying data in a 2D Data Matrix format for most products and property owned by the United States government. These labels enable the Department of Defense to more efficiently manage items, as this format enables the labels to be read omni-directionally, provide accurate data even if damaged and contain more data than traditional barcodes. IUID compliant markings may be manufactured with IUID software that prints labels that may be affixed to a product’s surface.

ID Integration, Inc. recommends only the best marking software in order for customers to become IUID compliant. The top pick for marking software is the Bartender Label Design Software from Seagull Scientific. This certified software is able to print labels encoded with RFID, barcodes and other elements essential to an applicant’s compliance standards. This powerful software enables users to format and print labels that may be adhered to a product’s surface. These labels are able to withstand harsh natural elements and even harsh environments in order to ensure that data is readable throughout the lifespan of a product.

Allow ID Integration, Inc. to provide your company with reliable and industrial IUID software that can produce IUID labels that meet the strident requirements set forth by the United States Department of Defense.

BarTender Label Design Software