Improved IUID Marking Solutions for Unique Identification Requirements
view inside warehouse using IUID marking for industry

ID Integration is eager to assist companies that operate within a range of diverse industries, including DoD/Mil Spec IUID marking, manufacturing, and packaging among many others. We are able to provide companies with industry leading applications to assist with a variety of requirements such as MIL-STD-130 spec, as well as ATA Spec 2000. Our experienced integrators will be able to produce solutions unique to each client's application needs, no matter if those needs require IUID marking software and hardware or custom processes.

We are able to provide customers with a range of services for difficult application requirements. Our goal is to assist companies throughout the complicated compliance procedure so that they may come out on the other end with more fluid processes in addition to items compliant with their specific industry's requirements.

Discover the popular applications associated with your specific industry below.

The manufacturing industries require top grade equipment for efficient processes and low overhead costs. ID Integration is able to provide compliant equipment and materials to manufacturing industries such as automotive, plastic, glass, metal and many others. Learn more about our most popular applications here.

The Department of Defense (DOD) has strict requirements for compliance that is detailed in MIL-STD-130 spec and other industry standards. However, accomplishing compliance may entail different processes for different companies. ID Integration can help you specify the equipment and software best suited to you needs.

NASA utilizes MIL-STD-130 for some projects. They also utilize NASA-STD-6002D and NASA-HDBK-6003C in their item identification procedures. These standards, which are similar to marking requirements of the United States Department of Defense, necessitate marking software and hardware to ensure compliance. Luckily, our integrators are able to help.

Commercial Airlines
ATA Spec 2000 requires contractors of the aerospace industry to include a unique barcode marking on many items. In order to improve workflow and avoid rejection, contractors of commercial airlines need specific applications. Our team at ID Integration is ready to assist clients while improving maintenance processes, safety and efficiency.

The security industry mitigates risk and thus easy tracking and management of assets is crucial. In order to comply with standards, ID Integration has applications that will suit companies working within this particular industry. Learn more about these applications here.

ID Integration offers reliable marking (labels and direct) software and hardware for efficient tracking of a variety of products. These labels can contain codes for traceable lot, batch, date and expiration – all of which aid in the workflow and efficiency of a company. Further information about our unique applications for this industry is located here.

Pharmaceutical/Medical Devices
There is a plethora of benefits associated with integrated coding and verification throughout the production process of pharmaceuticals and medical devices. The new UDI requirements of this industry are demanding; our integrators will be able to find suitable applications and processes that will ensure compliance.

ID Integration also provides solutions for retail and inventory purposes. From our marking hardware and software to even RFID tags, this industry can benefit from quality applications and processes that enable easier management and tracking. Learn more about the applications for this industry here.

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