Comprehensive RFID & Barcoding Solutions for the Industrial Manufacturing Industry

Companies operating within the industrial manufacturing industry require barcoding solutions similar to companies supplying products and services to the government and other industries with strict guidelines for compliance. Companies in the industrial manufacturing industry benefit from the use of RFID asset tracking, barcode IUID scanners, and other equipment that increases the efficiency of a warehouse or office, in addition to improving the traceability and accountability of items throughout their sale and use.

Major areas in the industrial manufacturing industry include automotive, plastics, metals, and other segments. These industries have different needs but the same end goal: To produce quality goods that can be easily managed, monitored, and sold. Equipment such as direct part marking systems and label software, as well as verification and scanning systems or smart RFID location tracking solutions, can help to improve a manufacturer’s workflow while reducing overhead costs. Even some major name companies, such as Walmart, require manufacturers to utilize RFID markings to improve management and traceability.

Manufacturers may also utilize RFID in barcoded labels and marks to enhance tracking as items are distributed throughout the company or out to clients. Inventory management processes are improved with the use of labels and markings that are encoded with valuable data about an item. ID Integration is available to guide manufacturers in any of the aforementioned industries and others to the best products, such as barcode scanners, verification systems and marking hardware, to improve the efficiency of their processes.