Industry Applications for IUID: United States Military and DoD

ID Integration is in tune with the needs of contractors and manufacturers of the United States Military and the Department of Defense (DOD). According to the MIL-STD-130 specification, suppliers of the United States government must adhere to strict IUID marking requirements that will aid in an item’s management and traceability throughout its lifetime of use. This industry’s unique standards necessitate reliable and efficient processes that include marking hardware and software, as well as scanning and verifying equipment to ensure compliance. The requirements of this specific industry may be easily met with the help of our integrators’ expansive knowledge and experience.

Producing accurate labels or direct part marking (DPM) is accomplished through approved methods such as dot peening, laser engraving and others. The following systems can prove invaluable to companies attempting to achieve compliance with MIL-STD-130:

Marking software: Seagull Scientific BarTender Label Design Software (can include RFID and 2D codes)

Marking hardware: Laser Marking Systems, Thermal Label Printer Systems, Dot Peen Systems, High-Resolution Ink Stencil, and Polymer Bond Marking from a variety of reputable companies

In order to ensure all encoding features are accurate, manufacturers and contractors may use systems from the following companies for their scanning and verification needs:

IUID verification systems
Handheld 2D data matrix scanners
Fixed-station 2D data matrix verification systems

In addition to these solutions, ID Integration can recommend turnkey solutions (MIMS systems) and other custom processes to ensure compliance with the MIL-STD-130 specification, as well as registration software that is found here. We will work to achieve IUID markings for those companies operating within the strict requirements of the United States Military and the Department of Defense.

Professional Services for IUID Compliance