Professional Services for IUID Compliance

Professional Services for IUID MIL-SPEC-130 Compliance

The Advantages of ID Integration’s Professional Services for IUID Compliance

Here at ID Integration, we offer professional services to make implementation of the DoD’s MIL-SPEC-130 labeling requirements easy and cost-efficient. Our custom services include:

Complete Need Assessment

Our on-site evaluation support’s your company’s IUID requirements implementation to uniquely and permanently identify parts using labels. We’ll assess your current marking and manufacturing processes to determine compliance and analyze all equipment needed for providing efficient part marking. Our Needs Assessment consists of an engineering appraisal of your current plant operations, hardware and software needed to meet compliance, a cost review, and a plan of implementation. This report concludes with recommendations to complete your successful labeling or parts marking needs.

On-Site Services

We provide a wide variety of services to complete your hardware and software installation, training, and process development. Advanced training is also available, affording you the opportunity to gain a working familiarity with our hardware and software. Benefit from follow-up training classes, too, and learn about advanced label and template creation, design, and programming. All of this is to ensure your ability to work with ID Integration’s software in-house, without the trouble of contacting technical support.

Template Design

ID Integration’s BarTender templates for Windows driver devices will maximize your productivity. We’ll create initial template design for you to include creation of label and nameplate size and page layout, physical layout of data elements, data filtering to control UID data syntax and structure, and template filename and version control. Learn to modify existing templates faster than building them from scratch.

ID Integration provides customized, turnkey solutions for meeting complex compliance applications. We offer a variety of products that simplify the process of compliance while saving you time and money. Our experts can train your staff to ensure streamlined production, registration, verification, and management of parts manufactured for the Department of Defense. Learn more about our customizable solutions by contacting us today.