Turnkey and Custom Ergonomic Mobile Industrial Marking Systems Carts

Mobile IUID Marking

Turnkey and Custom Ergonomic Solutions for MIL-STD-130 Mobile IUID Marking

Is your company looking for a quick, cost-effective, adaptable IUID marking solution to meet DoD compliancy? ID Integration’s Mobile Industrial Marking Systems (MIMS) can suit your particular needs. In order for these solutions to fit your company’s ergonomic requirements, small and large carts, powered warehouse “golf carts”, and even self-contained mobile trailers are available. They all work to provide the same results: Usability and adaptability for MIL-STD-130 marking.

Our standard MIMS cart is capable of supporting multiple marking technologies so that your company will have a standard platform in which to order a custom turnkey solution that can be reconfigure in the future. This platform is lightweight, adjustable, and compact enough to fit through a doorway.

Our MIMS cart can support virtually any combination of tabletop marking systems. It provides a basic structure, power and communication network for you to define your own turnkey marking system. It supports numerous marking technologies, providing solutions for both DPM (direct part marking) and standard nameplate, label, or decal applications. It’s possible to add RFID and barcode verification stations, too.

These turnkey marking systems are custom-built with a single system P/N. In fact, the standard MIMS cart contains products from some 18 vendors, but allows for simplified procurement from us at ID Integration.

Standard features include a spill and shock resistant industrial laptop, adjustable PC mount, variable-speed air filtration system with HEPA and carbon filters, centralized power management panel and network router, and a large secured storage cabinet. We can also add other features, including IUID bar code verification systems, laser rotary for cylindrical parts, an additional lateral shelf, and castors that absorb shock.

Curious about how to integrate an MIMS cart to make IUID label marking more ergonomic? Contact our consultants here at ID Integration at [email protected].