Dot Peen Systems IUID Labels

IUID Hardware Solutions: Dot Peen Systems

Compliance with standards for Item Unique Identification, commonly referred to as IUID, is essential for contractors and manufacturers of products utilized by the United States Department of Defense. There are several marking technologies available to these companies that produce compliant IUID markings. Items whose acquisition costs exceeded $5,000 will require markings, which may be provided by hardware such as Dot Peen Systems.

ID Integration, Inc. utilizes three vendors for Dot Peen Systems: Pryor, Telesis and SIC Marking. Dot peen marking is achieved through micropercussion or stylus pin marking, which indents dots into ductile materials that produce both human readable text and machine-readable code that is compliant with current IUID standards. All three approved vendors are able to produce durable results while delivering reliable services that are beneficial for large and small companies alike. Their markings can accommodate varying item sizes and a wide range of materials, including mild steel and aluminum.

IUID labels and IUID nameplates must be created in the strict manner prescribed by the Department of Defense. Failure to meet set standards can lead to costly rejections or complete elimination of government contracts.