Polymer Bond IUID Marking

IUID Marking Hardware Solutions: Laser Polymer Bond Marking

As IUID marking standards require contractors and manufacturers to use only approved marking technologies, ID Integration, Inc. works with a number of vendors that can provide MIL-STD-130 marking technologies for a variety of client needs. A variety of marking technologies can provide direct part marking or produce labels, nameplates or tags that may be affixed to the property of the United States Department of Defense. One of the approved marking technology solutions is Laser Polymer Bond Marking that creates permanent IUID approved marks for a variety of applications. Laser Polymer Bond Marking is available from CerMark and TherMark.

CerMark marks are produced through the use of laser energy and can be applied to metals, as well as glass and ceramics; though in the case of IUID labels, metal is preferred for its durability. CerMark markings are high resolution and resistant to salt water, abrasion and high temperatures. This method utilizes lasers to fuse the material to the substrate. TherMark similarly uses laser bonding technology in order to produce high contrast markings that are chemically resistant and able to withstand high temperatures and moisture among other benefits.

Companies in contract with the Department of Defense may employ this IUID marking technology to create MIL-STD-130 marking labels that are permanently affixed or Direct Part Marking in order to achieve IUID compliance.