Barcode Scanning & IUID Verification

Handheld 2D Data Matrix Scanners for IUID Verification Applications

Barcode Scanning and IUID Verification – Handheld 2D Data Matrix Scanners
The MIL-STD-130 specification requires IUID labels to be encoded with data-rich 2D Data Matrix codes that can undergo verification to ensure compliance is met. 2D Data Matrix Scanners must have the ability to read labels on a variety of surfaces, including plastics, metals and glass, as well as Direct Part Marks. Scanners enable items to be consistently identified and tracked throughout their lifespan by the Department of Defense.

Handheld 2D Data Matrix Scanners are convenient to use and lightweight enough to be easily handled in order to scan awkward or large items. Handheld scanners can help improve accuracy while eliminating the unique challenges experienced by varying workplace environments. They operate similarly to Fixed 2D Data Matrix scanners, but they are not affixed to a single area.