Barcode Scanning and Verification

Improve Compliance with Barcode Scanning and IUID Verification System

There are varying methods, as well as readability factors, different available tag or label placements and diverse data encoding requirements, that must be considered by government contractors and manufacturers in order to provide compliant IUID markings for Department of Defense (DoD) owned items and property. Similarly, there are different ways to ensure IUID verification. Reliable IUID verification system and scanning systems are necessary for contractors and manufacturers to ensure that marking equipment and the markings, regardless if they are created as labels, tags or permanent markings, meet strict DoD guidelines. The following are applied by ID Integration, Inc. as part of their turnkey IUID solution sets:

shows IUID verification scanning in process
Handheld 2D Data Matrix Scanners
  • Microscan
  • Cognex
  • Zebra
  • Honeywell
  • Code Corp
Fixed-station 2D Data Matrix Verification Systemsshows IUID verification system
  • Microscan
  • Cognex
  • Webscan

Verification systems and scanners help to reduce the costs related to items and property that are rejected by the DoD because their codes were unreadable. Additionally, verification systems can reveal the status of a marking machine in terms of preventative maintenance in order to decrease delays and avoid possible unapproved IUID markings.

Scanners, on the other hand, include the ability to quickly and accurately read codes, which helps to improve the productivity flow of government entities, as well as contractors and manufacturers.

IUID verification and scanning is a crucial step in the UID process, thus contractors and manufacturers should utilize one of the above mentioned systems in order to meet UID compliance. One’s failure to do so could result in setbacks in terms of money and time, as well as possible termination of a government contract.

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