IUID Verification

Help for IUID Verification

IUID verification has grown increasingly important for companies that must maintain standards for MIL-STD-130 requirements. In fact, the use of verification procedures and equipment can enable an organization to greatly improve their compliance efforts and overall quality for U. S. Department of Defense contractors.

Today, IUID verification delivers a wide range of benefits for a myriad of identification and tracking applications worldwide. Solutions range from simple to complex and even mobile – often being customized to uniquely fit into a manufacturer’s specific production processes. Now, more than ever before, it’s become extremely advantageous to integrate MIL-STD-130 verification into existing procedures – and at very affordable rates.

Verification is used to confirm that a 2D barcode that’s marked on a part or nameplate is completed with the high level of quality and durability required for full compliance. Implementing in-house IUID verifiers can assist a company in greatly improving their quality and compliance. This is because some fine errors may easily pass by human eyes without detection, but an IUID verifier has the vision capabilities to detect even the smallest problems; such as reduced clarity caused by a dull stylus, weak contrast from a fading thermal transfer ribbon, and other relevant concerns. Beyond the quality of a code, IUID verification also verifies the underlying syntax of a barcode. Using an IUID verifier, in essence, enables a company to more carefully check the syntax of a code included as part of IUID labeling, or marking, and alert an organization to any problems that arise.

How Modern Devices Make Verification Easier

It’s important to recognize that even though compliant IUID barcodes are required to be in Data Matrix symbology, not every Data Matrix code will pass the stringent MIL-STD-130 requirements. Telling the difference becomes easier when an IUID verifier is part of the equation.

To help cut through the confusion on many complex issues surrounding MIL-STD-130 requirements and verification needs, we plan to produce a series of helpful articles and tips within the new IUID Verification niche section of our website in order to provide more educational resources and information throughout this industry. Please feel free to review our entire site to complete information on IUID applications. Check back each month to read new articles on helpful subjects related to compliance, verification, and so much more.

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