Information On IUID Verification and MIL-STD-130 Requirements

IUID Verification Devices and Their Importance

The unique identification verification process includes two basic steps. These comprise of verifying that the Data Matrix Code image quality meets the requirements of MIL-STD-130 and that the data syntax in the Data Matrix Code meets the IUID validation requirement of MIL-STD-130 and the DoD Guide to Uniquely Identifying Items. Suppliers of government products follow a codification process as directed by U.S. Department of Defense approved standards. MIL-STD-130 sets up thorough guidelines that explain topics, such as how suppliers should encode UID labels, how they should apply for the UID registry, and so on. These codes are examined by UID verification devices for compliance. Vision verifiers and barcode readers are used to ensure the authenticity and syntax of printed codes.

How do UID verifiers improve compliance?

Unique identification codes include machine readable information (MRI) along with human readable information (HRI) data. MRI, or machine readable information, is printed in a high density Data Matrix format. This high density Data Matrix format is verified with specialized UID verification devices. Standard verifiers ensure the accuracy of UID products. Verification devices are designed to identify MIL-STD-130 recognized coding features. These can easily recognize UID labels and the markings on the tags. A high performance verification device offers a cost effective way for contractors to police their overall output, ensuring that products are effectively marked, or labeled, according to MIL-STD-130 compliance requirements.

Two primary types of UID verifiers are used for UID label and direct part marked verification. These include:

✓ DPM (direct part marking) verification devices
✓ LDP (labels and data plates) verifiers

Products that include engraved codes are often verified by DPM readers. DPM verifiers are DOD recognized and follow methods as directed by this standard. These rules for product verification enhance final product quality. You can learn more about UID verifiers and various options from online resources. Simply browse through our website for more detailed information.