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New Technology Provides Major Productivity Increase to Broader User Base

BarCodeOS ® enabled scanners comprise a modular set of applications that greatly extends the value of bar code reader hardware. It can eliminate the need for expensive middleware and/or WinMobile terminals by using the processor and memory of the reader to analyze, filter, parse, validate, and format the decoded data BEFORE sending the data to the PC.

BarCodeOS is a next-generation evolution of IDI's Smart-Scan technology, using those 5 years of real-world customer feedback to design a more modular software structure; providing more functionality, flexibility, and convenience than ever before conceived possible in a bar code reader platform. In doing so, IDI has created a line of enhanced bar code readers that are as revolutionary to business productivity as were the mouse, stylus, or touch PC interfaces.

Bar Code & Reader Basics

Bar Code readers function as secondary keyboards to a PC, providing a much faster and more accurate means of inserting data at the current PC cursor position. Modern USB readers utilize native Win, Mac, or LinuxOS keyboard drivers - allowing such bar code readers to be as simple to install as the common PC keyboard.

Bar Code Symbologies have similarities to text fonts or languages. There are 30+ unique barcode symbologies currently in use throughout the world (see Wikipedia list). Each one is unique in terms of what information it may convey. Some support only numeric data, others alphanumeric. Some may contain only a certain quantity of characters, whereas others might be free-form (learn more about possible PC security threats from free-form bar codes).

How Does it Work?

Bar Code readers enabled with BarCodeOS have the same appearance and general functionality as readers without BarCodeOS installed. However, what users experience with BarCodeOS is nearly flawless Plug & Play throughout the lifetime of the scanner. Perhaps more importantly, BarCodeOS offers users new ways to use their reader to improve data accuracy and speed in never before imagined applications.

BarCodeOS enabled scanners enhance the usefulness of Bar Code Readers. Users can switch between application operating modes by simply scanning configuration bar codes. Many of these application modes can in turn be dynamically 'customized' by users through a web browser portal which eliminates any need for 'programming' .

Currently, BarCodeOS consists of 3 separate software modules. Each of these is described in detail via the links to the right. We invite you to explore these links, along with the videos, to see how this technology is years ahead of any other global supplier of bar code reader hardware.

Key Advantages 

  • World's Best Plug & Play Experience: No need to install hardware drivers or proprietary configuration software. PCs will simply recognize the reader as 'Keyboard #2', allowing you to scan data into any location defined by the cursor position.
    • Functional @ Boot Guarantee: The reader's powerup boot process is controlled by BarCodeOS to force the scanner into a functional 'USB Keyboard Wedge' driver mode - eliminating the cause for the most common bar code reader support call.
    • Secure-Configuration is a baseline feature in BarCodeOS that provides IT support staff with a means of 'locking' the reader's configuration so that most functional issues are resolved with a simple power cycle of the reader - eliminating the need for IT support personnel on the shop floor.
  • World's Easiest Reader Configuration Tool: In place of 200+ page user manuals, or installation of proprietary software with high learning curves, BarCodeOS provides licensed customers with a public web browser portal for feature configuration of their reader. The webpage analyzes and displays your current scanner settings in a simple tab-based user interface. Web form choices produce real-time configuration barcodes which the user can scan directly from their PC monitor, laptop screen, or even smartphone.
  • World's ONLY bar code reader FIREWALL: The growing popularity of 'free-form' 2D symbologies such as Data Matrix, QR, or PDF417 is increasing the risk of malicious PC attacks through embedded PC System Commands. Although this threat is not limited to the Windows OS, Microsoft publishes hundreds of PC Operating System Commands which can be embedded into a 2D symbology. BarCodeOS is the first, and currently ONLY, barcode reader technology which can block such malicious OS attacks.

Read our new white paper, "Is A Barcode Security Threat Looming In Your Company's Future?" to learn more about today's barcode security threat.



IDI Barchart OS Infographic

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