UDI Unique Device Identification

Benefits of FDA UDI Medical Device Identification from ID Integration

ID Integration has you covered for everything FDA UDI. We offer cost-effective options for basic marking hardware, permanent label printers, and automated data collection that work in perfect harmony with FDA UDI rule for medical device identification.

More Intelligent Scanners
Our unique selection of barcode scanners offer advanced data collection and formatting engineered to suit most existing hospital data collection systems.  Avoid the need for expensive software solutions when you choose an ID Integration scanner with BarcodeOS ® capability - and the ability to read, validate, and parse any GS1, HIBCC, or ISBT barcode label.

The Key Ingredient Is Our Exclusive Family of BarCodeOS ® Enabled Scanners 

  • It's easy - Intelligent barcode scanners conveniently tell you with an auditory “1 Beep Good, 4 Beeps Bad” whether a scanned code is good or bad. Set-up is a breeze—Plug & play right from the box. No need for installing additional software or combing through 200+ page manuals.
  • It's affordable - Forget about purchasing expensive middleware solutions or revamping enterprise IT solutions. We've designed BarCodeOS with extensive flexibility to fit your needs - No fixed middleware solutions that force you to pay for technology that isn't necessary or endless cycles of customization.


shows example UDI labels for FDA Unique Device Identification compliance
Versatile, Durable UDI Marking, UDI Barcode Validation, & More!


What Makes BarCodeOS Technology Unique?

It is the world's only barcode scanner equipped with FIREWALL protection to guard your PC against malicious operating system commands embedded in 2D Data Matrix, QR, and PDF417 codes.

Avoid downtime - We put an end to the need for the most common IT support calls. BarCodeOS enabled scanners come with a "Functional @ Boot Guarantee," along with a simple web browser portal to configure your readers without the need for 200+ page user manuals or tech support staff.

We provide marking hardware, label design software, and our BarCodeOS enabled scanners, to ensure FDA compliance. View our video to see it in action.

Our FDA UDI hardware solutions include:

  • Intelligent Scanners - Our unique selection of barcode scanners offer advanced data collection and formatting engineered to suit most existing hospital data collection systems. Contact our team for specific advice regarding your unique device identification strategy.

  • Versatile, Durable UDI Marking - For well over a decade, ID Integration continues to be at the forefront of providing a wide range of industrial marking solutions for a variety of complex applications. Whether you require direct part marking using permanent laser equipment or printing tamper-proof labels to affix to qualified medical devices, we deliver. Our guidance doesn’t end with your purchase order. Work with our experts to problem-solve the best solutions for your individual needs; especially if you are curious about the efficient, compact GS1 Data Matrix barcode symbology. Our expert staff will work with you to make sense of FDA compliance requirements to determine your custom-fit solution for UDI standards.

As an experienced systems integrator, we select the best solutions for you, regardless of the manufacturer. Our goal as an FDA UDI integrator is to ensure compliance while working within your budget. For barcode scanners, UDI marking hardware, and the software to put it all together, our team is here to discuss your questions and offer the perfect advice to meet FDA regulations.

Contact us to problem-solve the best solutions for your individual needs. Our experienced staff works with you to make sense of FDA UDI requirements and determine an optimum custom-fit solution. Give us a call at 425-438-2533 to speak with our FDA compliancy specialists. Read our FDA UDI FAQs page to learn more about compliance with unique device identification.

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