Maintain Compliance with Integration Solutions for ATA Spec 2000 and Other Aerospace Specific Standards

The aerospace industry maintains ATA Spec 2000, which was created by the Air Transport Association of America, Inc. to more efficiently manage and track assets within this industry. This standard requires manufacturers of this industry to produce compliant labels and markings that include encoded data about an item directly on said item. These markings, which may include RFID or 2D Data Matrix codes, are required on items owned and used within the aerospace industry. Similarly, NASA follows standards MIL-STD-130 NASA-STD-6002D and NASA-HDBK-6003C, which improves asset management and traceability.

RFID tags produced in compliance with ATA Spec 2000 include all the necessary information of an item, including its Unique Serial number, as well as other information, which enables the industry to better track items while determining the status of the item for maintenance or otherwise. ID Integration offers clients helpful software in addition to custom solutions to create compliant RFID birth records and tags that helps clients achieve compliance within the aerospace industry.

Though NASA holds similar standards as the aerospace industry, it does adhere to MIL-STD-130, NASA-STD-6002D and NASA-HDBK-6003C, which requires items to include direct part marking (DPM) or compliant tags, nameplates or labels. As integrators with experience in this industry, we can recommend several hardware and software solutions that ensure compliance is met through innovative and efficient means. Additionally, we are able to provide custom solutions for manufacturers complying with unique standards for NASA, the aerospace industry and otherwise.