Turnkey and Custom Solutions for IUID Integration

ID Integration is among only a few experienced integrators with the capability to provide customized solutions for IUID, ATA Spec 2000 and other complex compliance applications. We offer a variety of products that will simplify processes involved with MIL-STD-130 marking and IUID registration, as well as a multitude of other standards specified by the aerospace industry and the United States Department of Defense (DoD). In addition to hardware and software, ID Integration may provide a needs assessment in order to improve processes. With our expertise, we will be able to create and train individuals on systems that will streamline the production, verification, registration and management of items for specific industries and government entities.

Turnkey MIMS (Mobile Industrial Marking System)

Clients of ID Integration may opt for a fully integrated turnkey system that includes the highest quality hardware currently available. This system will provide comprehensive solutions with marking, scanning and verification hardware that are available separately or as a turnkey system. Products available in our Turnkey Mobile Industrial Marking System (MIMS) may be utilized for the following marking solutions:

  • Laser Marking Systems
  • Polymer Bond Marking
  • Dot Peen Marking Systems
  • Chemical Etching (ChemEtch)
  • High Resolution Ink Stencil

Turnkey MIMS may include the following:

  • IUID Data Matrix Barcode Verification Systems available from Cognex, Microscan, and Webscan
  • CO2, Fiber or YAG Laser Systems available from Epilog, Trotec, Trumpf, Foilstar, Universal and Rofin
  • Accessory shelving ideal for marking systems such as RFID, Thermal, ChemEtch and Dot Peen
  • Durable swivel mount for laptops
  • Integrated carbon-HEPA air filtration with variable air control
  • Interior storage for central power 8-switch panel, networking, air filtration and plumbing, tool storage and lockable sliding door panels
  • Adjustable height for standing or sitting
  • Durable shock absorbing castors
  • Trays for tools and other supplies

Systems included in Turnkey MIMS are constantly evolving, thus systems may change over a course of time to reflect the current “best-in-class” for MIL-STD-130 marking and other compliance standards.

Installation and Training

At ID Integration, Inc. we offer more than custom solutions created with the most reliable and up-to-date hardware; we also provide the training necessary to ensure processes are efficient and equipment is properly utilized. We will install and train on-site for every product we currently offer, as our recommended equipment works best when it has been properly installed and staff has been properly trained. In addition to installation and training for ID Integration products, we also offer advanced training classes that cover label and template creation, design and programming, as well as marking and verification training. We are also able to provide further education about IUID compliancy.

Our Professional Services brochure discusses these services in more detail:

Download IDI Professional Services

Custom Development and Integration

IUID marking applications vary, thus many contractors and manufacturers require custom development and integration in order to meet compliance standards. ID Integration is available to analyze and assess clients’ individual needs with a no-obligation discussion that will cover the following areas.


We will learn more about a client’s tools and processes currently employed in their workshop. This allows us to discover new opportunities for greater efficiency with improved hardware, software or with new processes.


We will determine new in-house capabilities that will enhance processes for MIL-STD-130 marking and RFID compliance, including the best in scanning, data collection, automation, verification and barcoding hardware and software.


We will offer solutions that will be easily integrated with existing processes. This lessens the financial burden commonly associated with improved IUID and RFID compliance tools.

Template Design

In order to produce compliant IUID labels, tags and nameplates for IUID registration, hardware and software require a template that will determine the physical layout of the mark. Marks with barcodes require specialized software equipment to ensure marks are legible and compliant.

We currently recommend the use of Seagull Scientific’s BarTender Software for Windows printer driver systems.

We currently provide template design services for the following manufacturers that are not supported by Windows printer driver systems:

Dot Peen: Telesis, TechnoMark, Pryor, SIC Marking
Industrial Inkjet: Videojet Excel Series

In addition to the abovementioned available systems, there are vendor-supplied Windows software systems that do not operate with Windows printer driver systems. These include YAG-lasers and some Dot Peen systems. If this is the case for a client, we will be able to provide standard template file design services or our own middleware software for easier integration.

For over 20 years, ID Integration has been committed to providing contractors and manufacturers of the United States government, as well as other industries, with the tools and systems necessary to efficiently meet compliance standards. Our expertise helps these individuals avoid the common mistakes that many encounter during IUID registration and MIL-STD-130 marking procedures. With our guidance and custom software and hardware solutions, companies will improve their capital investments while fulfilling their unique needs with top of the line products. Call (425) 438-2533 to speak with ID Integration about your current needs.