ATA Spec2000 Software

ATA Spec2000 RFID Standards for the Aerospace Industry

ATA Spec2000 refers to the automated identification and data capture requirements as created by the aerospace industry in order to improve productivity in the management of items and property. ATA Spec2000 RFID tags are specified for many parts of an aerospace vehicle for proper maintenance and safety measures. Additionally, these requirements advance supply chain efficiency and have helped to streamline business processes while also reducing administrative costs. For more than 40 years, Spec2000 has provided efficient means of information exchange between e-business companies and the aerospace industry.

The Spec2000 e-business system includes four main types of information exchange: Bar Coding Standards, ATA Aviation Marketplace, File Standards and E-Commerce Standards. These forms of information exchange will lead to improved output, more accurate data, enhanced management of items and reduced costs associated with processing among other benefits.

ATA Spec2000 is available online at ID Integration, Inc. can recommend the best methods for companies to create RFID tags for items and property in the aerospace industry.