Commercial Airlines

Commercial Airlines Experience Improved Processes Through ATA Spec2000 RFID Requirements

In order to improve productivity within the aerospace industry, the Air Transport Association of America, Inc. (ATA) created the requirements of ATA Spec2000 birth record in order to efficiently track and manage assets used within this industry. This standard applies to commercial airlines, thus commercial airlines must create an ATA Spec2000 birth record for many items used in an aircraft. ID Integration can provide ATA Spec2000 RFID solutions in order to meet this stringent compliance standard that provides multiple benefits for commercial airlines.

In general, ATA Spec2000 aids commercial airlines in each of their processes, as it benefits safety and maintenance while improving efficiency. Birth records containing RFID data contain large amounts of data that can be easily accessed through a compatible scanner which in turn, improves the efficiency of a manufacturer’s processes while ensuring the data is correct. With the ability to track assets more easily, manufacturers may be able to view the location of an item in order to determine if it is missing, which can compromise safety, or in need of maintenance. Furthermore, processing and administrative costs are reduced.

ID Integration can recommend several hardware and software solutions to produce ATA Spec2000 birth record codes for items. Learn more about solutions to create ATA Spec2000 RFID labels for the aerospace industry. The Spec 2000 system can also enhance processes through four types of information exchanges. Regardless of a company’s needs, ID Integration can guide them through the compliance procedures for the aerospace industry.