RFID Location Tracking


Active RFID Tags: The Future to Cost-Saving Asset Tracking and Asset Location
conceptual V-Tag mesh network

ID Integration provides quick, on-demand RFID location tracking of assets using active RFID tags to eliminate the need for expensive infrastructure. This is the key to smart manufacturing-Using high-memory tags to streamline your production and reduce labor costs. Create real-time visibility to all production and a simple way to realize errors. Reduce the amount of human interaction necessary to locate exceptions and oversee production. It's easy to see the cost-saving benefits of using smart manufacturing solutions in your business.

conceptual software map showing examples of tool or asset locationsHere's how it works. Produce and affix active RFID tags to equipment, parts, and assets for the purpose of tracking. Active tags create an ad hoc, decentralized wireless network that replaces the need for a costly infrastructure. When auditors visit, it's easy to show the location of tools or assets, because tools and assets display their locations on a software map. This saves valuable time during audits. See the location of valuable assets and tools within seconds. Learn more by reading our White Paper, "Avoiding the Expense of RFID Asset Tracking Infrastructures."

If you need to rearrange locations, the tags will refresh the locations of assets! This real-time solution to critical tracking can be accomplished at less than half the cost of passive RFID systems.

These ad hoc networks are the key to saving costs in smart manufacturing. Self-generating mesh networks require no infrastructure-No antennas needed! This wireless network is reliable and durable while providing a hop distance to as much as 300 feet. The RFID tags actually communicate with each other and adapt quickly to change at a considerably lower cost than passive RFID location tracking systems.

Transform your production floor into a smart manufacturing floor by incorporating effective and affordable active RFID asset tracking. Our integration experts are available to assess your current manufacturing processes and offer recommendations that will improve your efficiency while reducing costs. Contact us at (425) 438-2533  for a complimentary consultation.

Review our RFID location tracking infographic for a more visual explanation of this technology:


infographic showing how active rfid location tracking works with benefits
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