RFID Location Tracking

Locate & Track Assets On Demand with RFID Location Tracking

The Future to Cost-Saving RFID Asset Tracking and Asset Location

ID Integration provides expert assessment, deployment, and training for businesses working to transform their manufacturing processes, productivity, and asset tracking through RFID location tracking. We have a long history with RFID management. Back in 1999, Boeing contracted with us to test the viability of RFID tag technology to track structural parts in their manufacturing processes. We came up with a novel solution to embed a small RFID microchip into a durable plastic rivet that was attached to the parts. Boeing later adopted metal tags marked with dot peened 2D Data Matrix codes that are easily read with our BarCodeOS ® enabled scanners. We are proud that Boeing continues to use our scanning technology to this day.

Fast forward to 2020, and ID integration continues to spearhead the latest groundbreaking technologies for inventory management, real-time location tracking, smart manufacturing,  healthcare, and government compliance. From tool tracking to Work-In-Process (WIP) management or even predictive analysis, our seasoned integrators have your challenges covered.  This is the key to smart manufacturing – using modern technology to streamline your production and reduce labor costs. Create real-time visibility to all production and a simple way to realize errors. Reduce the amount of human interaction necessary to locate exceptions and oversee production. Up your game in inventory management precision. See an improvement in your ROI for your particular application: retail, manufacturing, healthcare, transportation and logistics, and more. It’s easy to see the cost-saving benefits of using smart manufacturing solutions in your business.








Here’s How RFID Location Tracking Works.

Produce and affix RFID tags to equipment, parts, and assets for the purpose of tracking. These RFID tags are read and displayed on a software map of the actual location. When auditors visit, it’s easy to show the location of tools or assets, because tools and assets display their locations on the software map. This saves valuable time during audits. See the location of valuable assets and tools within seconds. If you need to rearrange locations, the tags will refresh the locations of assets! Learn more by reading our White Paper, “Leveraging IoT and Cloud Manufacturing to Revolutionize Asset Tracking & Audit Prep.”

This real-time solution to critical tracking can be accomplished at a very affordable cost.

Not only does RFID technology assist in managing the locations of tools, assets, or products, it also provides database management and predictive analytics for better inventory management, order expediting,  security, and safety.

Transform your production floor into a smart manufacturing floor by incorporating effective and affordable RFID asset tracking.  Join forces with ID Integration – we’re offering you the ultimate edge that keeps you light years ahead of your competition by working smarter. Contact us at (425) 438-2533 for a complimentary consultation.

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