V-Tag Active RFID

Saving Costs With The V-Tag™ Active RFID Solution-No Antennas Necessary!

ID Integration, Inc. is taking RFID asset tracking to a new level with the V-Tag™ active RFID technology. Streamline production by locating tools and equipment on-demand-They all appear on a software map for easy tracking. And because these active RFID tags require no antennas, you can be up and running with our active-tag RFID solution at almost half the cost of passive systems.

The V-tags™ can "talk" to each other, setting up their own network. Unlike passive tags, which draw power from a reader that sends out electromagnetic waves to create a current in a tag's antenna, these tags have their own battery power source to send a signal to the reader. Thus, antennas and expensive infrastructure are unnecessary with our V-Tag™ technology.

Coupled with Assetworx! Software, V-Tags™ simplify asset tracking. They create a mesh network that provides as much as 300 feet of hop distance. Since the tags communicate with each other, they easily adapt to change. Move your assets, and the tags refresh with the new locations. This real-time asset tracking is all displayed on a software map, making audits easier.

Download Our White Paper on,
"Avoiding the Expense of RFID Asset Tracking Infrastructures."

Read more about how V-Tag active RFID tag location technology is nearly half the price of passive RFID tag systems. Learn why this emerging but proven technology is so cost efficient.

Below are just a few of the benefits of using our V-Tag™ RFID solution:
  • View V-Tag™ positions over your custom maps of your facility
  • Hunt assets in open fields using the V-Tag™ Tracker
  • Set your own custom parameters for temperature, battery level, and accelerometer
  • Receive alarms when thresholds are exceeded, and view tag alarms on a map
  • Review current and past sensor reports
  • Confirm contents that are received and shipped

With V-Tag™ technology, your company can perform asset location and Work-In-Progress tracking without an expensive, complex setup. Contact our experts for a complimentary consultation to receive cost-saving active RFID recommendations to fit your needs and budget. To enter the world of smart manufacturing using efficient RFID asset tracking, contact us at (425) 438-2533.

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