RFID Asset Tracking

Transform your production efficiency using RFID asset tracking with smart manufacturing capabilities. Enter the world of smart manufacturing with ID Integration’s wide range of cost-saving and time-saving capabilities, including improved production workflow, minimized errors, and reduced downtime.

Using RFID technology, assets with RFID tags display on a software map of your facility in real-time for efficient business decision-making. When assets are moved, their location moves on the software map, eliminating concerns for lost tools, laboratory parts, and medical equipment. This range may also include GPS RFID solutions for outdoor applications. Overall, there are many different manufacturers of tags, readers, and IoT equipment. Working with an experienced systems integrator ensures the best solutions independent of manufacturer technology.

Today, there are many RFID technologies available to elevate tracking, business insights, and even work-in-process monitoring. Read more below to learn about the different types of technologies available and find helpful educational resources to learn more.

Common RFID Use Cases

Analyze Historical Manufacturing Data

ATA Spec 2000 RFID for Aerospace

Automated Inventory Management of Critical Supplies

Automated Work Order Process & Insight

Automation to Eliminate Human Data Entry Error

Demo Starter Kits for Testing/Proof of Concept

Expiring Chemicals Management

IoT & Cloud RFID Ease of Use/Access

IoT Artificial Intelligence & Analysis

IT Asset Tracking for Audits

Materials Management for Construction

Monitor Items Moving Through Supply Chain

Protect Restricted Access Areas

Real-Time Data for Manufacturing/Production Insight

Retail Inventory & Asset Management


Tool Tracking

Tracking Assets Outdoors


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RFID Asset Tracking Benefits

Downtime searching for critical tools and equipment is costly in terms of expense, potential fines, lost tooling, and failed audits. Decreased efficiency, workflow bottlenecks, and user errors also negatively impact overall production and accuracy.
Reduce time spent searching for orders, tools, parts, & more
Provide insight to the work order process identifying bottlenecks and ETAs
Increase data accuracy by eliminating manual data entry errors
Provide analytics that alert stakeholders to issues and means to increase overall efficiency

RFID Precision Tracking & Cloud Manufacturing

Are you searching for an RFID asset tracking solution that works as hard as you do? If yes, you’ll want to explore our RFID precision tracking and IoT RFID technologies!

Effortlessly locate, track, and log parts, assets, tools, and inventory.

Experience easier audits.

Elevate Cloud Manufacturing

Learn More About RFID Precision Tracking & IoT RFID

Learn more about innovative RFID solutions and cloud manufacturing!

Automated Work In Process for Smart Manufacturing

Visibility is the key to shop floor and warehouse efficiency, and ID Integration has the tools to make the technology of capturing, analyzing, and communicating data information affordable. Imagine having your finger on the pulse of inefficiencies and asset tracking in real-time so that you can solve issues quickly.

Collect information through the full product production cycle and increase visibility into successful processes as well as bottlenecks. Automate common tasks, such as critical supply restocking, and set up alert notifications for items in process that may need extra attention.

Experience real-time analytics that assist in managing expedited or delayed orders. Set up notifications to serve as reminders for any necessary intervention. Make your operation seamless with modern RFID technologies.

Make better business decisions and refine processes to reduce cost and inefficiency. Improve overall manufacturing quality and customer service with greater visibility to all orders, production processes, and organization of assets.