RFID Asset Tracking


Transform Your Production Efficiency With V-Tag™ RFID Asset Tracking
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Enter the world of smart manufacturing with ID Integration's RFID asset tracking solution - V-Tag™ active RFID technology. Simplify asset tracking with a wide range of cost-saving and time-saving capabilities, including improved production workflow, minimized errors, and reduced downtime.

Assets with active RFID tags display on a software map of your facility in real-time for efficient audits. When assets are moved, their location moves on the software map, eliminating concerns for lost tools, laboratory parts, and medical equipment.

Coupled with AssetWorx! Software, V-Tags™ have a wide range of applications. Because temperature thresholds and alarms can be set for individual tags, they can be used in environmental and pipeline monitoring. They also have extensive applications for tracking jigs, construction, oil, and gas business sectors. The medical community is also finding ample use for V-Tag™ active RFID tags. Besides locating medical and laboratory equipment, they are used for fire and rescue applications. The tags can be affixed to a moving or fixed object.

Here at ID Integration, Inc., we use V-Tag™ technology to continue to pioneer smart manufacturing applications for aerospace and military use. The active RFID tags are affixed to high-value parts that move around an aerospace or military facility. The locations of the V-Tags™ tags are stored in the AssetWorx! Software, as a gateway reader picks up transmissions from the tags. It's all viewed on a map-in real-time-on your PC.

V-Tags™ are small. They measure the size of a box of Tic Tacs and can transmit up to 300 feet. Because these tags only transmit data while they are moving, they conserve battery life and are capable of lasting an average of 4 years on a single battery. Once an asset stops moving, the tags go dormant and the software map displays the last location transmitted by the tag. This makes audits incredibly easy and virtually error-proof.

At about half the cost of passive RFID location tracking solutions, V-Tag™ and AssetWorx! active RFID technology is the smart manufacturing asset tracking choice. For customized integration, we offer V-Tags™ and AssetWorx! in a software development kit (SDK). Contact ID Integration's RFID location tracking experts at (425) 438-2533 for more information.

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