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Tired of Playing Hide and Seek with Your Assets? Hybrid RFID for Manufacturing is the Key to Effortless Inventory Management

Stay ahead of the game with RFID innovation. Say goodbye to manual tracking methods that were once time-consuming and prone to errors. Effortlessly locate, track and log parts, assets, tools, and inventory with ease. Eliminate the hassle of manual audits by scanning hundreds of tagged items in a single pass. Precision RFID technology streamlines the process of locating misplaced tools and parts, making it quick and effortless to find what you need.

In a recent poll of manufacturing facility decision-makers:

  • 87% agreed that new tech is the means for staying competitive in the present economy
  • 87% plan to approach modernization projects within three years
  • 80% agreed that the pandemic created an urgency to speed up warehouse modernization
  • 66% plan to use automation within three years to help offset recruitment challenges
  • 61% plan to implement real-time inventory tracking within a year

Source: Zebra Technologies, Warehouse Vision Study, February 2022

ID Integration stands at the forefront of providing automated inventory tracking software and hardware that keeps you competitive. For the most recent, proven advancements in RFID management, we offer a range of products, readers, and software to get the job done.

In addition to our full line of solutions that highlight RFID for manufacturing, we’re proud to carry certification as a Business Partner with the Advanced Location and Tracking Specialist and Public Sector Specialist designations from Zebra Technologies. With our comprehensive background, our team of RFID specialists can tailor the perfect solution to meet your needs creating a precision RFID approach that saves time and eliminates audit headaches with accuracy.


Inventory Management

Quickly and efficiently locate items for audits.

Security & Safety Management

Monitor the movement of tracked items within designated areas.

Work-In-Process (WIP) Management

Determine hang-ups as a work order proceeds across your factory floor.

Predictive Analysis & Maintenance

Anticipate problems before they happen.

Database Management

Eliminate the headaches of analyzing disparate data as you collect info from different sources.

Remote Management

Oversee your operations wherever you access the internet.

How Does Passive RFID Technology Work?

Thanks to recent technological advancements, passive RFID technology has become highly effective for asset tracking, a feat that was once only achievable through costly active RFID solutions, marking a significant leap forward in efficiency and affordability. Both fixed position and handheld passive RFID readers perform in tandem to improve the ranges of detection, especially when tracking equipment with electronics and metal components.

One common application combines fixed position readers mounted above doorways and at other key transition points. These readers automatically capture the last location of tagged items. Items are a breeze to locate as they are moved, preventing them from disappearing when misplaced.

The handheld RFID reader finds your “needles in a haystack”. Searching for a missing part or tool? Check the last-observed location of the item to get a better idea of where it could be hidden, then use the handheld reader’s built-in detector feature. The reader beeps louder as it approaches the missing item. It behaves as your personal Geiger counter to find missing or lost assets.

With a passive RFID for manufacturing solutions, clients experienced:

  • 99+% Improved Inventory Accuracy
  • 90-95% Reduction in the Time Spent on Performing Inventory Tasks
  • 60-80% Reduction of Out-of-Stocks

Clients also raved about reduced inventory carrying costs, less on-hand inventory/sparing, lower expedite fees, and improved overall costs of operation. Our customizable RFID solutions are proven to streamline inventory audits and revolutionize inventory management processes. Call us to discuss how precision RFID solutions work to solve your inventory management and audit challenges at (425) 438-2533.