RFID for Hospitals – The Key Ingredient for Elevating Patient Care

Introducing RFID Smart Cabinets & Supportive Technology

Patients receive the best care when doctors, nurses, and hospital personnel are not attempting to multitask time-consuming administrative projects. The development of RFID for hospitals automates these tasks so that essential staff are available to offer quality care.

ID Integration teamed up with IDENTI Medical to bring you definitive RFID solutions created specifically for healthcare facilities. IDENTI Medical’s RFID and IoT systems are in use in over 530 healthcare units and supply centers worldwide. They are the trusted means for freeing up essential personnel to concentrate on bedside care. IDENTI Medical comprehensive hardware and software solutions control inventory, connect hospitals to their vendors, and accurately manage billing and purchasing of over 640,000 items worth more than $300M every day.

IDENTI Medical combines RFID innovations with IoT (Internet of Things) to speed up efficiency and eliminate human errors. Transform your hospital into a smart hospital by incorporating RFID into inventory management. Realize zero expirations and stock-outs with 100% consignment. Control the consumption of inventory to the tune of 65% cost savings in inventory reductions, even when products cannot be labeled. Experience a seamless flow of data to ensure accurate patient records, accurate billing, and accurate payments.

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See a radical shift in hospital care productivity with these RFID and IoT game-changers!

RFID Smart Cabinet

Say goodbye to manual errors with the only completely digital inventory management solution to track consignment stock, medical devices, and even implants. IDENTI Medical’s RFID Smart Cabinet links directly with the manufacturer’s warehouses with 98% charge capture.

Simply mark an item with an RFID tag, and then scan the item to enroll it into the system. Place it inside the Smart Cabinet—The system works ingeniously for any size or shape item regardless of how you position it on the shelf. When the item is removed, an automatic report is sent to the supplier and returning to reshelve the item generates another report. No more counting, no more searching around for the item—data is tracked down to the person who last used the item.

Now, everything from surgical equipment to orthopedic screws is tracked to allow easy remote content management. Wireless connectivity completes the picture, utilizing cloud computing to connect to all necessary parties and quickly access a central data warehouse for seamless item-level management and location traceability. The RFID Cabinet keeps track of its contents and automatically sends an order to the supplier when inventory runs low. Only those permitted have access, making IDENTI Medical’s RFID Smart Cabinet the ideal, secure means for accurate communication throughout your entire supply chain.

Get an accurate picture of which items are removed, when they are removed, by whom, and for which procedure. Oversee administrative tasks, including billing and reordering, with easy-to-understand reports. Manage critical supply by automating reordering and billing tasks.

Shows an open RFID Smart Cabinet and inset view of RFID cardholder opening cabinet

Healthcare Units Worldwide - from Cath and EP labs to Orthopedic and Plastic Surgeries - rely on an RFID Smart Cabinet

Manage valuable medical devices and consignment stock in real-time. Check out these additional specs, making an RFID Smart Cabinet the perfect choice for your patient care facility:

  • Manufactured with antibacterial materials
  • Choose the style to fit your contents: shelves, drawers, or long items
  • Complies with EPCIS Standards
  • No leakage of RF transmutation
  • UL, FCC, and Medical Grade certification

RFID Smart Cabinet for Narcotics and Controlled Substances

For an RFID system that enables secured management of medications, strengthen your security with the IDENTI Medical solution for automated tracking of narcotics consumption. This secured medication cabinet is the only solution on the market that adheres with the drug administration by enabling secured reconciliation of these substances.

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Snap & Go

Visual recognition tech sets the stage for automatic charge capture in the OR. Simply “snap” an image of items used in a procedure, and within a few short seconds, LogiTag’s Global database identifies the item without the need of barcodes. And when an item is not immediately recognized, it is placed in the IDENTI Medical Backoffice until missing info is completed and the item becomes part of the hospital’s Item Master.

Keep your fingers on the pulse of medical procedure costs based on the items utilized. Monitor the use of sutures, implants, and all items used for fast and accurate reimbursement and patient billing. Track down recalled items automatically.

• Snap & Go fully integrates with LogiTag’s other supply-chain inventory management products
• Customized synchronization to match hospital’s individual ERP system
• Dynamic integration to vendor and hospital ERP systems and hospital clinical software

LogiPlatform Cloud-Web Server

LogiPlatform produces accurate, real-time hospital supply management for IDENTI Medical’s RFID Smart Cabinet and Snap & Go inventory. Automated reports and alerts to nurses, administrative staff, and managers are made possible with LogiPlatform, which continuously updates without the need for downloads or installations using browser and web-based software. No need for additional infrastructure—Easy connectivity with your mobile network!

Alerts and notifications regarding supplies and patient records are sent in real-time. This cloud-based technology delivers patient privacy and report accuracy when connecting and interfacing with hospital and supplier clinical software and ERP systems.

• SSL, encrypted database, and password renewal policy ensures security
• Complies with HL7 and CFR FDA guidelines
• Accessible from your choice of browser platform

ReStock Tag

Discover easy and rapid replenishment of medical supplies using today’s cutting-edge active RFID technology. The IDENTI Medical ReStock Tag is your automated inventory management tool. With a simple click of a button, a requisition order is sent via cloud computing to the hospital or supplier for speedy replenishment. Automate restocking requests, and when an item is out of stock, a high-priority SOS order can be placed to notify the supplier. View order status in real-time on an easy-to-read digital display to know the status of any tagged item instantly.

This web-based system speeds up your lean management performance with SMS and email alerts to system administrators. ReStock tags aggregate info from hospital, LAN/WiFi, and cellular data networks.

Eliminate manual counting and out-of-stock inventory with these go-anywhere tags. Check out these additional specs:

• Patented design created specifically for medical inventory management
• Relies on a combination of cloud-based software and RFID technology
• Designed to fit any storage area in your hospital or healthcare facility, from pharmacy to OR supply room, to supply storage room

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The technological advancement of RFID for hospitals doesn’t stop here. To customize a solution for your healthcare facility needs, read our new white paper, “How To Take Charge of Hospital Workflow, Supply Management, & Patient Safety”. You’ll discover fascinating results of groundbreaking hospital case studies plus additional solutions for confirming and monitoring FDA UDI information.

A new level of patient care and hospital efficiency awaits. Our ID Integration RFID experts are at the ready to build your customized tracking and inventory management system. Contact us at (425) 438-2533 to learn more.