Snap&Go™ — The Solution to Runaway Healthcare Costs

Meet Snap&Go, A Revolutionary Solution Providing Easy Automated Healthcare Data Capture!

Over 50% of implants and consumables used during surgery go unreported to the patient. Enter the world of automated healthcare data capture and become a smarter hospital. Snap&Go™ sets the stage for intelligent operating room business decisions while easily capturing complete billing documentation.

Put an end to multitasking and keep doctors, nurses, and hospital personnel focused on caregiving tasks using the power of automated healthcare data capture. Snap&Go™, the advanced optical image recognition technology, makes this possible because it is designed for the way hospitals function. Just “snap” the images of items in use to quickly record the necessary data and free your healthcare staff.

With Snap&Go™, your fingers are always on the pulse of product integrity and available stock, from the time an item arrives in the surgery suite, during use within a procedure, and post-operatively over days, months, and years to come.

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    Place items on the Snap&Go™ platform, snap a quick image and go back to patient care. The billable data is captured and identified all at once and then compared with a unique global database. Even unrecognized items or items containing coding errors can be entered with the advanced AI and machine-learning algorithms embedded within the Snap&Go™.

    Snapping an item is easy, fast, and ensures full billing documentation. All at once the complete record of essential serial and batch numbers, SKUs from the manufacturer, and all-important expiration dates are immediately transferred to your hospital’s ERP system, billing and claims department, patients’ electronic records, and vendors.

    Realize 100% data collection in the OR! With Snap&Go™, your Master Item List is always accurate and up-to-date. Unidentified items are automatically sent to the IDENTI Medical Data Sensing support team that identifies them, completes missing info, and sends the data directly to your hospital’s Master Item List.

    How Does Snap&Go Work?

    How Does Snap&Go™ Save Time and Money?

    Improved cash flow management, realistic budgeting and forecasting, the ability to bill the patient on the entire cost of a procedure, reduce reimbursement claims, fixed coding errors, complete missing data records, and detailed cost-of-care analysis

    Optimized inventory levels, correct recurring budgets, exact estimates of medical consumables, profitability on expensive inventory, eliminating expensive storage, control supply chain costs, integrity of hospital item master, and streamlined inventory replenishment.

    Tracks batch numbers to enable safety recall management, locates expired and recalled items inside storage areas, alerts to recalls and expirations during surgery, continues to track transplant activity years after surgery.

    Meets FDA UDI regulations, improve medical record performance, clean information to reside in just one database.

    Schedule an online or in-person visit to our brand new Demo Lab to see how Snap&Go™, and our entire suite of automated healthcare data capture technologies, provide the optimum patient care while reducing hospital costs. Contact us at (425) 438-2533 to harness the power of these groundbreaking technologies for your healthcare facility.