Announcing Zebra Technologies’ Healthcare Vision Study: Key Trends and Insights

We are excited to share the release of Zebra’s Hospital Materials Management Vision Study, which reveals key insights into the latest trends in the healthcare industry. As an Advanced Location & Tracking Specialist and Public Sector Specialist for Zebra Technologies, ID Integration is proud to bring these advanced solutions to your healthcare facility, enhancing efficiency and patient safety.

Key Trends from the Study

Intelligent Workflow Automation

The study shows a strong push towards improving workflow automation within the next five years, particularly in supply chain management, ER and OR orchestration, and medical asset visibility.

Real-Time Intelligence for Better Patient Care

Real-time data is essential for optimal patient care, and the study highlights plans to implement location solutions for patient flow, medication tracking, and equipment tracking.

Clinical Mobility Gains Traction

Providing staff with hospital-owned, healthcare-ready devices is becoming a top priority. Key considerations for these devices include being disinfectant-ready, having robust security features, remote management capabilities, and durability.

ID Integration’s Expertise

At ID Integration, we specialize in implementing Zebra’s advanced location and tracking solutions, ensuring seamless integration into your healthcare systems. Our expertise helps healthcare facilities improve operational efficiency and patient safety.

Download the Highlights

Increased technology spending is on the horizon, with plans to implement new technologies like enterprise-grade mobile devices, location tags/beacons, and rugged tablets.

Download the full Zebra Hospital Materials Management Vision Study to gain strategic insights for your healthcare facility. Check out our PDF flyer for key highlights and contact ID Integration for expert assistance in integrating these solutions.

Stay ahead with the latest trends and technologies in healthcare by leveraging the insights from Zebra’s Healthcare Vision Study. For more information and to discuss how we can help integrate these solutions into your facility, contact ID Integration today.