How To Improve Patient Safety with Technology

Patient safety is a growing concern in health care. Essential medical personnel are spread too thin. When medical professionals divide their precious time between performing administrative tasks and serving at the bedside of patients, both suffer. The solution: Hospitals are reducing administrative errors and improving patient safety with technology.

To accomplish this, ID integration offers the most advanced imaging recognition technology available today. Snap&Go™ is a simple-to-use image recognition platform that’s designed to fit the way hospitals and healthcare facilities work. By placing consumed items on the platform, a quick image is “snapped” or captured, recognized, then routed through a unique global database. The Snap&Go™ back-office team researches unrecognized items and code errors.

When an image is “snapped”, the complete UDI data is captured, from the batch and serial numbers to the expiration date and manufacturer’s SKU. This information is transferred immediately to your ERP/EHR system.

Take command of liability risk with Snap&Go™:

• From the moment an item arrives in the OR, track batch numbers to oversee patient safety recall management
• Locate recalled and expired products while they are “waiting” on shelves inside core storage areas
• Receive alerts on recalled or expired items prior to surgery
• Track implantable device activity for years—data is automatically recorded in patient files

No manual data entry. No difficult operating system. No software training. No coding errors. Snap&Go™ removes these administrative data collection tasks from the shoulders of your patient care team. By correcting errors on the fly this solution is unaffected by changes in barcode UPN standards. In fact, Snap&Go™ tracks bulk items and items without barcodes too.

Imagine the time saved by nurses in cath labs, ORs, and throughout your facility. No longer do they need to hand-record information or scan a barcode to count inventory or question whether items are recalled or expired before using them for surgical procedures. Patients are safe because errors are eliminated by 100% item documentation.

Here are the stats on Snap&Go™:

• Hospital staff spends 48% fewer hours on administrative tasks, ensuring patients receive the attention they need
• High-value medical device inventory is reduced by 20%, ensuring patients receive necessary procedures
• Critical supply stock-outs are eliminated by 100%, ensuring patients receive medical supplies needed

View even more statistics on Snap&Go Savings.

The revolution of smart technology is here and becoming as necessary as electricity for day-to-day efficiency, and these statistics prove that this fact holds especially true for the care of patients.

Delve further into this subject and read our free solutions guide How To Take Charge of Hospital Workflow, Supply Management, & Patient Safety. Snap&Go™ is part of our fleet of IoT solutions that improve healthcare productivity and safety. We list solutions for automated healthcare data capture to fit your demand for supply chain management, contact tracing, and ultimately, improved attention to patient care. Contact us for a virtual or in-person demo of Snap&Go™ and to learn about our smart technologies for easy, error-free data collection: (425) 348-2533 or book a virtual demonstration with one of our colleagues here.