Discover Successful Ways to Implement RFID for Healthcare

The need for error-free hospital efficiency has approached a fevered pitch. Manual and outdated supply chain management costs hospitals thousands of dollars in lost revenue due to out-of-stocks, expired items, overstocks, and mistakes in charge codes. Misplaced surgical tools costs thousands in wasted time, paying for nurses to search instead of attending to their duties. Medical report errors lead to misdiagnoses and incorrect dosages. Locations of key personnel and equipment are, at best, guesswork without RFID and IoT technology.

Improving patient care is the central focus, and RFID location and tracking technology is the solution. In the newest white paper from ID Integration, we list case studies and statistics demonstrating how smart technologies conquered ongoing efficiency headaches practically overnight.


• How Adventist White Memorial Hospital implemented RFID smart cabinets to save $46,000 in supply losses

• How the Mayo Clinic became 100 percent error-free through recognition of patients with appropriate clinical actions using RFID technology

• How Herzeliya Medical Center put an end to implant ordering disputes with their valued suppliers

• How Henry Ford Hospital used an emerging contact tracing solution built using Apple’s Indoor Mapping Data Format (IMDF) technology to expedite patient transport and housekeeping

• How Rush University Medical Center and Mayo Clinic’s Saint Mary’s Hospital saved $1,800 per hour in labor costs when they no longer needed to locate missing tools in the surgical suite

• How Northwell Health Hospitals streamlined supply chain management while complying with FDA UDI regulations

Our research paper also pinpoints the specific RFID and IoT solutions to solve healthcare efficiency dilemmas. We introduce our newest lineup of technologies designed with hospitals in mind:

IDENTI Medical Smart Cabinet—Removes human and administrative errors

• IDENTI Medical ReStock Tags—Eliminates manual counting and stock outs

• IDENTI Medical Snap & Go™–Yields 100 percent document compliance

LogiPlatform Cloud-Web Server—Fully integrates IDENTI Medical Snap & Go™ and Smart Cabinet inventories with existing ERP databases

• NavvTrack® Indoor Navigation and Location Services Platform—Crowdsourced RTLS® (Real Time Location System) for immediate supervision and communication in contact tracing


• Additional RFID and FDA UDI SolutionsBarcodeOS scanners and software and V-Tag™ Active RFID tags and AssetWorx! Software for real-time, automated data collection and confirmation of FDA UDI medical device info for registration and tracking We’ve only scratched the surface here. Read about the wide-ranging possibilities for RFID technology for healthcare and hospital applications.

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