RFID Cloud Manufacturing Solution for RFID Asset Tracking

Revolutionary IoT Driven Cloud Manufacturing for Enhanced RFID Asset Tracking & Process Visibility - Real-Time Insights on Intuitive Maps!

Venture into a realm where asset tracking and process visibility fuses IoT, Cloud, Mobile, and AI (artificial intelligence) for a transformative solution. Unveil the potential of Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing, where innovative technologies continue to evolve providing improved capabilities at ever-decreasing costs.

With our solutions, you can:

  • Eliminate time wasted looking for orders, tools, parts, and assets
  • Ensure reliable data for ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) with accurate routing and barcoding
  • Make real-time data available at your fingertips
  • Automate analytics and reports
  • Easily move expedited orders through the pipeline
  • End manual labor of data entry and compilation

Imagine A Futuristic Google-Maps-Style Insight into Asset Locations!

As experienced systems integrators, our technologies result in a high-tech approach to managing the work order process, alerting stakeholders about bottlenecks, and managing expedited orders. Our solutions are customizable to fit your industry and need to take smart manufacturing via cloud computing to a whole new level.

Our Process Visibility Technologies Empowers You to Monitor Moving Orders Across Your Factory or Warehouse Floor.

Track orders by viewing software display of each tagged item, where it was last seen, and a history of previously tagged/inactive items.

  • View the current and past history of order backlogs and expedited orders
  • Set alerts for critical thresholds, expedited orders, order delays, and completion of orders
  • Manage the organization of tagged items of your system according to plants, departments, zones, and gateways
  • Build reports for analyzing work in progress to be shared and exported
  • Manage user access among key personnel

Green: Seen (Within Hour) – Orange: Moving – Red: Not Seen (Within Hour)

This groundbreaking IoT, AI, and mobile-friendly cloud manufacturing system is one of several RFID solutions that we offer here at ID Integration to make asset tracking and location cost effective and effortless. Contact our RFID team at 415-438-2533 to find out.

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New to RFID technology? Read our RFID FAQs page to get familiar with this efficient and money saving innovation.