RFID Starter Kits for Asset Tracking

RFID Starter Kits: The Perfect Low-Cost, All-In-One Asset Tracking Solutions

Are you in need of an RFID asset tracking and location system, but you don’t know where to start? We have the perfect all-in-one RFID asset tracking solutions!

Here at ID Integration, we discovered that what was missing in the marketplace was a trustworthy, self-contained starter kit, priced just right, to enable you to experiment with the timesaving capabilities of RFID tracking technology. Forget about piecing together scanners from one manufacturer, tags from another, software from another, and then deal with climbing a steep learning curve before you’re up and running.

If you’ve been on the fence about how to use multi-faceted RFID tech for your particular business applications, consider one of our robust, all-inclusive starter kits to demo the experience of RFID location and asset tracking within your facility. Think of our RFID starter kits as your small-scale solution for testing the capabilities of RFID tech for your custom needs.

Introducing our low-priced RFID starter kits, powered by rInsight. They are the scalable solutions that offer you the flexibility to expand as needed. No changes to your business processes are necessary. Try out the timesaving usefulness of a complete RFID system. Locate assets and tools for audit prep without impacting your workplace operations.

Begin tracking now. Stop looking for misplaced equipment and tools and experiencing cycle count headaches with 24/7 item visibility.

Choose the starter kit that fits your needs at our low introductory prices:

Demo RFID Starter Kit – $499 – Plus S&H

The Demo RFID Starter Kit provides a complete package consisting of 1 smart gateway, 6 fixed location V-Tags, and 2 asst V-Tags to demonstrate the effectiveness and concept of RFID Location tracking at a smaller scale. This kit also comes with a free month of AssetWorx!, cloud software, to get you started for just $499.00.

A complete demo RFID solution with:
1 Smart Gateway
6 Fixed Location V-Tags
2 Asset V-Tags
One Month Subscription to AssetWorx! Cloud Software

(Shipping & handling charge will be added.)

Questions, call (425) 438-2533.

GPS RFID Starter Kit – $999 – Plus S&H

The GPS RFID Starter Kit comes equipped with mobile device activation of built-in beepers, hourly reports that deliver temperature and shock value data, and motion detector technology to signal the moment an asset is moved—Just $999 to get started. Curious about GPS RFID technology? Read our blog post explaining how this technology works and its advantages here.

A complete demo GPS RFID solution with:
1 Smart Gateway
1 Smart Gateway Exterior
6 Fixed Location GPS V-Tags
2 Asset GPS V-Tags
One Month Subscription to AssetWorx! Cloud Software

(Shipping & handling charge will be added.)

Questions, call (425) 438-2533.

Basic RFID Starter Kit – $2999 – Plus S&H

The Basic RFID Starter Kit is the complete asset tracking demo or pilot program solution. Each kit is fully outfitted with everything you need, making it a perfect solution to understand your proof of concept in real-time, and at a low investment. You’ll receive training and documentation for using the on-metal RFID tags, the combination barcode/RFID handheld scanner, and iPod Touch included in the kit. With the annual portal subscription and annual mobile iOS app subscription, you’ll have free import of 1,000 assets. Get tracking at just $2999.

A complete installed asset and inventory management RFID solution with:
Metal & standard RFID tags
One (1) Combo RFID/Barcode reader
One (1) iOS app annual subscription
One (1) iPod Touch
One (1) annual portal subscription
Free import of 1000 assets or goods
Training & documentation

Questions, call (425) 438-2533.

Deluxe RFID Starter Kit – $4999 – Plus S&H

The Deluxe RFID Starter Kit offers a greater capability to test and demo the innovative CenSys reader and handheld reader. Learn about RFID technology for asset tracking, inventory management, and more. This is a pilot solution that grows with you. Gain a real-time understanding of your proof of concept within your facility. You’ll get the tags, iPad Touch, mobile iOS app subscription, handheld scanner, device configuration, and training that’s included with our Basic RFID Starter Kit PLUS one Brady® Censys Reader, two external CenSys antennas, and one Censys Portal (annual). Also includes device configuration and training. Recurring charges year 2 onward not included. Track using Brady® IoT technology at just $4999.

Includes the complete Basic RFID Starter Kit solution, plus:
One (1) Brady CenSys IoT RF reader
Two (2) External CenSys Antennas
One (1) CenSys Portal (annual)
Device configuration and training
Recurring charges year 2 onward not included

Questions, call (425) 438-2533

Each RFID Starter Kit Provides Easy Mobile RFID Asset Tracking In One Simple Package.

Just download the app, import your assets and locations from any spreadsheet source (CSV, Excel, etc.), tag your assets and locations, connect the scanner to the app, and you’re ready to go.

Take inventory, view an instant variance report, update locations, export inventories as necessary, check workflow functions, view a workflow event summary, synch data via the secure Cloud, and much more. You have a clear, accurate log of all asset movement and locations maintained on your mobile device indefinitely and synched to the Portal.

  • The Portal, a browser-based dashboard, gives you the power to oversee your assets, tools, inventories, and workflow data. Import and export info, make offline updates, and synch data with handheld devices.
  • The Brady® Censys RFID Reader connects via Wi-Fi to enable real-time asset tracking with effortless, plug-in installation. Experience a 360-degree view of your tools and assets, keeping the pulse of every movement to avoid missing and misplaced items, lost goods, corrupted workflows, delayed reporting, and theft issues.
  • Cloud technology completes the picture, automating work-order and workflow processes to assist in a multitude of applications for smart manufacturing.

Purchasing one of our new RFID Kits will help you to establish:

• A real-time understanding of your proof of concept within your facility
• Learn about RFID technology and the ways it makes asset tracking easier
• Initial tracking of tools & assets
• A pilot solution that grows with you – set alerts, text messages, and more

Are these RFID Starter Kits a fit for your needs? RFID technology is the proven asset tracking solution for:

  • Office and home
  • Hospitals and pharmaceutical companies
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Construction zones
  • Schools and sports facilities
  • Clubs, museums, and galleries
  • Jewelry and high fashion stores and warehouses
  • Government and military installations
    and so much more!Get your initial questions answered and learn more about the capabilities of RFID technology at our helpful RFID FAQs page, Then give us a call at 425-438-2533 to get up-and-running with our all-in-one, low-cost RFID Starter Kits.

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