Smart Manufacturing

Introducing Smart Manufacturing: RFID Solutions for the Business Market
shows graphic explaining advantages of the TraxWare platform for smart manufacturing

ID Integration, Inc. has partnered with Entigral to bring cutting-edge RFID solutions to the manufacturing segment to enable smart manufacturing. This means that the high quality marking, tracking, and scanning of products that were once only reserved for our country’s military needs, and for the aviation sector, are now available for your business use.

Here at ID Integration, we understand that each piece of equipment, inventory unit, container, tool, location, and laborer—every entity on the factory floor—must become predictive. Our partnership with Entigral Systems allows you to meet these needs with TraxWare® advanced sensor automation.

TraxWare® is the backbone of the “smart” factory process, because this software platform utilizes the newest generation of sensor technologies, including RFID. It tags all relevant things, from raw material to finished goods, to people to equipment, and tracks how they interact with your process. By always knowing what is going on within your factory floor, you have greater control over your manufacturing process. In short, this software platform delivers immediate ROI on all your tracking requirements.

Enter the world of smart manufacturing with smart work-in-process (WIP). TraxWare® provides plant managers:

• Real-time visibility of components, sub-assemblies, and production batches—Decrease the amount of human interaction. Supply data and metrics for manufacturing software.

• Control of assets and inventory—Sensor automation, including RFID, reduces the need for human intervention on the factory floor. Receive an accurate audit of present and past critical asset status and maintenance status.

• Customized supply chain control—Track critical inventory in a single warehouse or across multiple locations. Validate raw materials and finished goods that enter and go on to particular locations.

Take control of your work in process, asset tracking, inventory tracking, and your supply chain with new RFID solutions to meet your company’s needs. Contact us at (425) 438-2533 for more information about how smart manufacturing can improve your company’s ROI.

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