Asset/Warehouse Management

Track Corporate Assets with Quality IUID Scanners and Verification Systems

Shows photo of hands placing a tracking label on boxes in a warehouse.Shows a forklift driving down a large aisle in a warehouse.

IUID encompasses scanners and IUID verification systems that improve asset tracking and management not only through its respective government entities, but also within the warehouses of contractors and manufacturers. These systems enable greater efficiency within a workplace, in addition to thoroughly monitoring a warehouse’s inventory. Warehouses can now access the location and other data of a corporate asset by utilizing IUID scanners and verification systems, thus improving workflow. The following systems are recommended for asset warehouse management:

Fixed station 2D Data Matrix Verification Systems
Available from Webscan, Cognex, Microscan and

Hand-held 2D Data Matrix Scanners
Available from Honeywell, Cognex, Microscan, and Motorola

These systems will aid manufacturers and contractors in meeting compliance standards outlined in MIL-STD-130 among others, as well as determine preventative maintenance needs. Scanners and verification systems will determine the status of a IUID label and can prevent possible delays by identifying any errors encoded within the data of the label.

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