Take Advantage of Your Chance to Demo the Hottest Healthcare Data Capture Tech & Finally Free Up Essential Staff from Time-Wasting Non-Clinical Tasks

Introducing ID Integration's Healthcare Center of Excellence

Here at ID Integration, we understand the urgency to find ways to do more with less staff in hospitals and healthcare facilities. You’re burnt out from all the issues over the past few years and you’re struggling with the exodus of burnt-out workers that has your current staff overwhelmed. Inventory tracking is out of control, and you’re overbuying supplies not knowing exactly what is in stock, and what portion of that stock is on recall or expired. We get it. And we have the ultimate solutions.

Today’s emerging technology truly speeds up data collection to the blink of an eye. Now, your essential healthcare workers can devote their precious time to patient care instead of bothersome inventory management tasks—recording info about items used, researching whether items are expired or recalled and should not be used, and looking for missing items and wheelchairs, IV pumps, and other necessary equipment.

Our video shows you the simplicity of our solutions:

This video was created by AIM when they stopped by to visit with the Co-Founder and CEO of ID Integration, Inc., Gary Moe. Call us to schedule your own free private demo in person or virtually at (425) 438-2533.

Watch how the Smart Cabinet beeps when you unlock & open the door, knows what items are removed, and works silently, behind the scenes to record what item was removed, when it was removed, which individual removed it, and whether that item needs to be re-ordered. It doesn’t matter whether the items were stored on the shelf in the front or back or even upside down. It will also notify you when an item is nearly out-of-stock and will keep track of those pesky recalls and expiration dates.

Watch how the Snap&Go™ takes a visual “picture” of an item and reads the data of that item, then in an instant, displays on a software screen whether the item is good to go or should not be used because it is under recall or expired. The Snap&Go™ reads multiple data at once, so if the scanned item or label contains multiple barcodes with human-readable info like serial, batch, and lot numbers, it takes it all in. Behind the scenes, the Snap&Go‘s cloud-based software and database contains over a million SKUs that is parsing out all that info.

Watch how our handheld scanners read the location and input data on the go, in real-time, wherever items are being stored. Looking for lost equipment? Utilize the last-known location to narrow down the search, and take advantage of the handheld reader’s detector feature. The device emits a loud beep as it nears the missing item, acting as your personal Geiger counter to locate misplaced assets. Know where critical items were last seen and track their movements to never waste time searching for essential hospital equipment again.

ID Integration has been in the systems integration business for over 24 years, and we’ve seen technology grow on an exponential scale. We started with the aerospace and military industries and soon realized that the same amazing technology could be put to work to help the healthcare sector.

We also get that you are weary of our competitor’s products and services that make empty promises.

Why is ID Integration different?

  1. We provide you with an honest assessment of your present procedures and tech, and we provide honest recommendations. We recommend what works for you, not what brings us the top dollar. Your satisfaction is our #1 priority.
  2. We test everyone’s products and only offer cream-of-the-crop solutions that will work for you. We are not exclusive to any one manufacturer, so we’ll never hard sell you on buying software and hardware that you simply don’t need or won’t function for your situation.
  3. We are with you through the entire process. As a systems integrator—not a rep from a manufacturer—we help with the installation and work with your staff to get you up and running right away. You don’t need to send an S.O.S. to an independent IT specialist or wait on hold to talk with the manufacturer to get up and running. We ensure that onboarding is trouble-free.

The improvement from before the inception of healthcare data tech (entering data by hand) and after installation (instantaneous, error-free data entry and tracking) is like night and day. Read our up to date solutions guide for more info about how to enhance patient safety and streamline operations.

Better yet, schedule a free private demo with us to witness how our state-of-the-art solutions will improve your bottom line. Meet with us in person at ID Integration’s Healthcare Center of Excellence in Mukilteo, Washington, or meet with us virtually for your exclusive demo.

Watch the video and get a taste of how you can transform your facility’s inventory management, and in turn, staff morale, to a new level. Then give us a call to land your free private demo at (425) 438-2533. What are you waiting for? The time to save money and increase staff morale is now.