Watch the Replay of the Efficiency In Motion: Leveraging Technology To Enhance Patient Safety Webinar

Efficiency In Motion: Leveraging Technology To Enhance Patient Care - Watch the Webinar Replay

Learn Innovations in Healthcare Workflow Automation Tech

Join our Co-founder and CEO, Gary Moe, along with Co-founder and CEO of Navv Systems, Inc., Dr. Daniel Siegal, for an intriguing webinar explaining the newest innovations of workflow automation as it applies to healthcare. In their AIM webinar: “Efficiency in Motion: Leveraging Technology to Enhance Patient Care”, you’ll be on the fast track to empowering your hospital or care facility with tomorrow’s solutions today.

Why Watch the Replay?

  • •Learn how to optimize hospital operations and streamline processes using technology
  • •Discover innovative solutions for real-time workflow automation to increase efficiency and save time
  • •Explore the benefits of utilizing technology to “do more with less” while providing high-quality patient care
  • •Stay ahead of the curve in the healthcare industry by discovering the latest advancements in technology & efficiency

In this webinar, we’ll share a use case for understanding and managing team workflow and locating hospital equipment on a digital map using the same concept of GPS on your phone outdoors.

You’ll be learning from the best pros in the business of AIDC (automatic identification and data capture tech):

The Co-Founder and President of ID Integration, Inc. and an authority on automatic data capture systems integration involving tagging, labeling, and marking of items to be tracked and inventoried. With over 30 years of experience supplying systems integration for healthcare, government, and aerospace industries, he’s a recognized leader in real-time location tracking and smart manufacturing.

President and Co-Founder of Navv Systems, Inc. applying his experience as a recognized healthcare leader, innovator, computer scientist, and radiologist to cutting-edge location technology that aids hospital staff, clinicians, and support teams to do more with less. His 15 years immersed in healthcare informatics, hospital operations, and clinical radiology helped him to bring his vision of Care Traffic Control—Tracking the whereabouts of essential personnel and hospital equipment in real-time—come to life.

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