Simplify Dental Inventory Management: RFID’s Path to Precision

Our innovative digital dental inventory management solution is tailored to oversee device consignment sales and serve surgical center clients. For dental medical device manufacturers grappling with the complexities of consignment inventory, RFID smart cabinets offer a powerful solution. TotalSense Smart Cabinets make quick work of tracking consignment products removed for patient surgeries in real-time. Minimize the errors and guesswork that come with manual tracking. This next-generation RFID technology automatically updates inventory levels with accuracy. With this technology, dental medical device manufacturers can efficiently manage consignment inventory, ensuring product availability and accuracy in dental surgery centers.

Welcome to the world of the TotalSense Smart Cabinet, where all items are easily tracked, regardless of their sizes or positions on the shelves. For dental surgery centers and dental medical device manufacturers seeking a seamless solution to manage consignment inventory, TotalSense Smart Cabinets offer a game-changing advantage.

These smart cabinets can effectively oversee a wide range of inventory types:

  • Manage dental implant inventory
  • Manage orthodontic appliance inventory
  • Manage restorative materials inventory
  • Manage endodontic instruments
  • Manage prosthodontic devices
  • and much more!

How does it work?

  1. Effortless Setup
    Simply tag or label an item with an RFID tag, then scan it into the system. Our smart cabinet’s software marry the RFID label to each product, ensuring accurate tracking within the cabinet inventory.
  2. Flexible Storage
    Place the item inside the smart cabinet, arranging the shelves or moving other items as needed to accommodate your newly tagged items. The beauty of this system is that it continues to track all items, even when they are rearranged or moved within the cabinet.
  3. Comprehensive Tracking
    From the moment an RFID tagged item enters the Smart Cabinet, it undergoes complete profiling, capturing essential information such as manufacturing dates, expiration, and current inventory levels.
  4. Seamless Monitoring
    When an item is removed or returned, the system automatically logs the transaction, generating detailed reports that even include the name of the individual responsible for the action.
  5. Real-time Insights
    Real-time usage data is continually updated and analyzed by cloud-based management software. This keeps you informed about your consignment sales, aids in decision-making for replacements and re-orders, and offers invaluable visibility into your inventory management.

TotalSense RFID Smart Cabinets provide not only real-time tracking and notifications but also user-friendly reports and straightforward integration with your secure mobile network. They are designed to provide error-free dental device sales tracking and data analysis, all without the need for additional infrastructure or external screens mounted to the cabinet. Moreover, these innovative smart cabinets adhere to international standards for uniform product and device coding. They feature password-protected, SSL-encrypted databases for maximum security and are supported by 24/7 tech assistance.

Enhancing Supply Chain Visibility with TotalSense Smart Cabinets

By transforming operating rooms and procedural spaces into digital environments, TotalSense Smart Cabinets bring transparency to your dental inventory management, helping dental device manufacturers automatically manage their consignment inventory. With automatic, real-time tracking and seamless integration with surgery center inventory systems, these cabinets streamline operations, reduce waste, and ensure balanced inventory levels. Furthermore, advanced AI management software proactively alerts to expired or recalled products, enhancing patient safety and overall efficiency. Designed for secure, restricted access, and fully compliant with EPCIS Standards, these medical-grade cabinets offer UL and FCC certification. Leveraging advanced AI and machine learning, they ensure seamless connectivity across the supply chain, integrating with ERP/EHR systems to provide real-time data visibility for precision inventory management. With TotalSense Smart Cabinets, dental medical device manufacturers can elevate their inventory management to new heights, enjoying increased efficiency with reduced waste and risk while improving patient safety.

Ready to Elevate Your Dental Inventory Management Game?

Why wait any longer? Save time by eliminating manual data entry and manual searching of dental devices and products. Eliminate costly errors and enhance your consignment management with our state-of-the-art TotalSense Smart Cabinets—a comprehensive solution for dental inventory management.

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