Introducing the Future of Contact Tracing for Multi-Industry Applications

Contact Tracing Applications

Here at ID Integration, we continue our quest to discover and present the best in asset location and management tools for you. Our spirit for innovation rides the tide of the newest groundbreaking technology to provide enhanced operational efficiency. We’re excited to announce our partnership with Navv Systems (NSI) to offer NavvTrack® software—the future of contact tracing for multiple industry applications. This groundbreaking new technology, developed over five years with Apple, is fast to deploy and does not require expensive infrastructure.

ID Integration has been tracking assets and increasing production efficiency within a diverse range of industries for over 20 years. It is no surprise that some of the relevant focus on contact tracing has piqued some interest from our customers and systems integration team.

What is contact tracing?

Contact tracing has evolved from the recent emergence of COVID-19 and involves a range of software and hardware solutions developed to survey workforce detection, tracing, and risk assessment. In this context, we are primarily discussing the use of contact tracing solutions within the workplace. This is not the same as the more controversial topic of applying contact tracing principles to the public. This solution respects the privacy of employees and individuals because tracking only occurs within the designated workspace.

As businesses adapt to constant changes in enforced guidelines, compliance requirements, and general concerns for safety they must explore technology solutions that assist them with tracking personnel, assets, and processes. Utilizing a contact tracing solution in a manufacturing or healthcare facility offers a way for businesses to maintain the safety of employees while also offering greater insight long term. NavvTrack® enables your managers to view the location of workers in real-time and at a large scale having delivered proven performance throughout a 3 million square foot building with 17 floors, and with 3-foot accuracy.

Shows example screens showing contact tracing software maps on smart phone and tablet devices

How does NavvTrack work, and how can it be applied to your company’s needs?

Utilizing the same concept of GPS on your phone outdoors, the NavvTrack indoor tracking system is built to view your unique floor plan using your existing wireless network and managed devices. Apple’s Indoor Mapping Data Format (IMDF) picks up the location of workers carrying iPhones equipped with the NavvTrack app. Quickly and easily oversee the movement and location of team members in real-time from a central traffic-control center and stay in touch via text message.


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Connect with essential staff from anywhere within your facility

The hallmark of this cutting-edge technology is its ability to employ an electronic “fingerprint” from existing WIFI networks—No need to install additional expensive infrastructures. With just iBeacon badges and a fleet of internal iPhones the system is quickly setup and running – there is no expensive infrastructure required.

Applications for NavvTrack abound in the world of smart manufacturing & IoT solutions

ID Integration now provides contact tracing and social distance monitoring solutions for any company using this unprecedented new technology. This emerging technology provides real-time visualization of personnel with intelligent contact tracing and logic enabling any business to streamline personnel and workflow while increasing efficiency.

Large construction companies track workers and high value equipment at jobsites

This software functions both indoors and outdoors, allowing for updates of building maps throughout a building project to monitor multiple story constructions as the structure is erected.

Large aerospace parts manufacturing facilities perform risk assessment & social monitoring to protect

Large aerospace parts manufacturing facilities perform risk assessment and social distance monitoring to protect employees while also ensuring personnel get to the correct location at the right time. NavvTrack makes it possible to know the position, proximity, and presence of this data in real-time and enables alerts for enhanced communication.

Large colleges track the comings and goings of staff, professors, & students

Colleges & universities track the comings and goings of staff, professors, and students for contact tracing and social distance monitoring on their campuses. They also gain the ability to broadcast critical messages across employee teams with lightning speed.

Any manufacturing facility looking to track resources

Any manufacturing facility looking to see where resources are and where they have been – including tracking and recording arrivals and departures of personnel in more sensitive secured areas.

What Are the Healthcare Applications for NavvTrack Contact Tracing Software?

This system, exhaustively tested and currently deployed at Henry Ford Hospital, proved seamless integration within hospital ERP systems for accurate data analysis.

Within hospital and healthcare facilities, where tracking key personnel is essential to maintaining safe operation, NavvTrack is the workhorse for:

NavvTrack also solves efficiency hiccups for pharmacy techs, engineering personnel, environmental (EVS) specialists, food service employees, environmental service researchers, and supply chain couriers.

How can you put this emerging technology to work to create a more efficient workplace environment?

Here at ID Integration, we pride ourselves on creating solutions to custom fit your needs and budget. Whether you are looking to apply the newest in contact tracing tech, find the perfect fit for your asset tracking needs, or simply test the capabilities of RFID tech to integrate into your present tracking and location systems, we’re here to point you in the right direction. Rely on our experience to provide you error-free data collection for precise decision analysis. Reach out to our asset tracking and location consultants at (425) 348-2533.