ATA Spec2000 RFID

Maintain ATA Spec2000 Certification with Proven Solutions

Created by the Air Transport Association of America, Inc. (ATA), ATA Spec2000 involves the tracking and management of items used in the aerospace industry. Specified parts of an airplane must include a RFID tag. ID Integration offers clients cost effective and proficient solutions in order to achieve and maintain ATA Spec2000 certification. In order to create an ATA Spec2000 RFID birth record for an item, manufacturers require the proper equipment to meet e-commerce, file and traceability standards.

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Flexible, integrated RFID labels include all of the required data of a specific item, including its IUID Construct Number and its Unique Serial number among other information. These unique RFID labels have the ability to contain large amounts of information, which makes it a preferred data storage method. The production of these labels is achieved through approved RFID label production, RFID scanners and RFID verification systems. These data rich labels enable traceability of flyable parts and management of aerospace property. Clients may utilize special software such as BarTender to create ATA compliant birth records, and identify the location of items through item part numbers.

ID Integration can guide clients to the ATA Spec2000 RFID birth record equipment, software and hardware necessary to produce compliant integrated RFID labels to achieve ATA Spec2000 certification. We are also able to create custom solutions as per a client’s request and needs.