Cybersecurity Applications

Intelligent Scanners for Cybersecurity

The cybersecurity industry consistently works with sensitive data, which necessitates secure products like ID Integration’s intelligent scanners, that are also compliant with MIL-STD-130 specification. ID Integration’s scanners include advanced capabilities that present unique and effective protective measures for sensitive applications. With quality scanners such as BarCodeOS®, ID Integration provides clients of the security industry with reliable software that includes safe symbologies and capabilities to recognize malicious barcodes.

ID Integration offers clients the advanced capabilities of BarCodeOS®, one of the best scanners suited for the security industry. This and other intelligent scanners available from IDI’s product line include the ability to restrict unauthorized command functions, which is critical for military specifications and other sensitive industries.

To better understand the importance of secure intelligent scanners, consider the following scenario: An individual purchases a magazine that contains a malicious code in its label. The cashier scans the code and instead of the code producing the relevant inventory ID, it instructs a server to download a virus onto the computer from an undisclosed location on the Internet. This scenario is possible in today’s world due to advanced barcode symbologies that posses the ability to issue command functions. As much as it is possible in your local grocery store, it may also occur in a more malicious manner that could harm sensitive industries like the military.

Fortunately, the fear concerning such a scenario is still in its early stages; however, to avoid such a situation ID Integration recommends the security industry utilize intelligent IUID scanners for sensitive applications in line with MIL-STD-130 specification and other standards. Our experienced integrators can help guide clients to the best applications for their needs.

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shows two test 2d data matrix barcodes to test scanner security from today's barcode security threat