IUID for Defense & Military

IUID for Department of Defense (DoD) & Military Applications

Learn about the diverse solutions we provide to meet DoD MIL-SPEC-130 standards. We can help you create the IUID labels you require by providing integrated solutions within your current production process. If you simply want the label, we can help you with that too – and guarantee its compliance.

Perhaps you’re searching for a turnkey setup? You won’t want to miss learning about our unique and efficient Mobile Industrial Marking System (MIMS). Continue reading about IUID labels & more.

Common IUID Use Cases


Direct Part Marking

In-Field Portable UID Validation & Data Capture

IUID Verification

MH10 Data Matrix Encoding

MIL-STD-129 Marking for DoD Shipments

MIL-STD-130 IUID Labels & Nameplates

NASA Parts Identification

UID Marking

UK STANAG 2290 Labeling/Verification

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Are You a Manufacturer or Defense Contractor That Needs to Meet Stringent Requirements?

We have a proven history of 20+ years in successful integrations for companies who must comply with MIL-SPEC-130, MIL-STD-129, and other stringent standards.

System Integration Independent of Manufacturer

When you work with experienced system integrators, you benefit by accessing a wide range of technologies; without being stuck with any single specific manufacturer.

Needs Assessment & Site Survey Services Available

We provide needs assessment and site survey services to determine the feasibility and overall system design for IUID, Spec 2000, asset tracking, & other solutions.

Trusted With Challenging IUID Compliance Projects

ID Integration is a trusted choice for IUID systems integration & is well-known for implementing one of the longest, continuous IUID marking programs for the U.S. Department of Defense.

Turnkey Systems with Installation & Training

ID Integration can also provide complete turnkey systems with on-site installation and training.