MH10.8.17-2017 Data Matrix Encoding Guideline

Solutions for Meeting the Newest MH10.9.17-2017 Data Matrix Encoding Guideline

Are you looking for ways to satisfy the most current MH10 encoding guidelines?

Here at ID Integration, we stay on top of the Approved American National Standard (ANSI) guidelines issued by the Material Handling Institute (MHI). Hot off the presses is the newest standard, ANSI MH10.8.17-2017, the Item Unique Identification (IUID) Data Matrix Encoding Guideline.

This standard describes performance requirements and test procedures for labels bearing IUID data. More specifically, the guideline describes how to encode data into the DoD approved, MIL-STD-130 machine-readable barcode symbol. They also provide a troubleshooting guide for checking readers and markers of IUID symbols.

This MH10.8.17-2017 standard developed out of the need for companies to identify and define potential variables that appear when they attempt to comply with IUID requirements. The guideline provides an examination of the steps necessary for compliance, enabling the contractor to solve problems before they present themselves.

We’ve made quick work of this IUID Data Matrix Encoding Guideline at ID Integration in an effort to prevent you to from wasting time and money in useless trial and error.

We offer common-sense solutions that adhere to the MH10.8.17-2017 principle:

Validation with BarCodeOS ® Enabled Scanners—Why worry about whether your labels carry the correct nomenclature for IUID compliance? Our intelligent scanners do the work for you, signaling with one simple auditory beep to indicate a barcode is acceptable or issuing four beeps for an incorrect barcode. This technology speeds up the validation process by removing human error. Using our Web Setup Browser Tool, customize your reader by adding specific Prefix and/or Suffix values to data strings.Avoid downloading malicious OS system commands increasingly embedded within suspicious PDF417, QR, and Data Matrix barcodes—safely scan with the barcode reader Firewall, integrated into the software of each scanner. No wonder ID Integration’s exclusive BarCodeOS Enabled Scanners are known as the IUID industry’s Intelligent Scanners.

IUID Verification—Saving money on expenses and improving processes is the end result of selecting the verification system that fits your company’s specific needs. Verification systems ensure the correct data syntax and codes achieve complete IUID registration. Do you need DPM verifiers to check Identifications created through direct part marking (DPM)? Or do you need LDP verifiers to check marks on labels and plates? Our IUID experts aid in the selection of verifiers for your compliance.

BarTender Label Design Software—Create IUID labels that follow the MH10-8.7.17-2017 guideline. Automate the production of IUID labels that are compliant with DoD standards. Streamline production with error-free label manufacture. Customization of labels is a breeze with our BarTender software.

Permanent DPM—Satisfy DoD requirements with markings that last throughout the lifespan of the part or product. These indelible 2D Data Matrix marks require the perfect mix of marking hardware, marking software, and scanners and verification systems to satisfy regulations. Our IUID specialists assist you in selecting the best technology for the size and chemical composition of your parts and products.

Check in with our consultants to strategize solutions for meeting IUID compliance and adhering to the newest MH10 guideline. Discover how to customize your verification, validation, part marking, and label production for the most streamlined compliant operations. Our professional services for satisfying IUID requirements includes a comprehensive needs assessment, on-site installation and training, and template design for proper layouts for IUID labels and nameplates.

Don’t be left in the dark, trying to make sense of MH10 guidelines. Call us today at 425-438-2533. Your initial consultation is always free and without obligation.